The PNoy Life Cycle Is A Vicious Cycle Of Stupidity

There's a difference between the PNoy and the Pinoy. Pinoys are born Pinoy but it's up to them if they want to become a PNoy. A PNoy can be described as someone whose loyalty is towards the Empire of Aquino rather than the Philippines. They would adhere to the Liberal Party's whims no matter how stupid. For them, yellow is the only color of their spectrum. Let's examine how the vicious cycle of stupidity begins and why it must be removed.

The PNoy Constitution, PNoy Pride and the 1987 Constitution

Protectionism is a blessing but not for the people. It's a blessing only for the oligarchy who continue to bully the rest of the Filipino people beneath them. They protect the 1987 Constitution which guarantees only their interests. The agreement is that foreign investors may only own 40% and Pinoys should own 60%. It should be considered hypocritical that they want to own 100% abroad while they only allow 40% in the Philippines for foreigners. 

The result of the 40% limit is that it heavily discourages foreign investors from doing business in the Philippines. If you were a foreign investor would you want to do business in the Philippines where you only own 40%? You would rather have 50% and above ownership in joint venture agreements. But the PNoy Constitution only allows that. This in turn discourages foreign investors as a result. This will give power to any Liberal Party business crony. It's stupid to criticize the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. for having cronies when the Aquinos themselves also have their own cronies. 

The use of PNoy Pride propaganda to continue the PNoy life cycle

How are these lies spread like poison to perpetuate PNoy Pride? You have the oligarch-controlled media. The Liberal Party is backed up by ABiaS-CBN, Crappler and Philippine Non-Inquirer to name some of the black propaganda against change. You have people like Kris Aquino, the Monsods and the Robleses. You have Liberal Party allies such as Loida Nicolas Lewis to finance them. These lies are also spread through the education system. The schools have taught how the Aquinos are the heroes and the Marcoses are the villains. They want the people to think that everything the Aquinos do are right.

The oligarchy plays the lie that only foreigners will get rich if you allow them to do business in the Philippines. They will take advantage of how people have a very poor understanding of basic economics. They are taught that the only way to achieve a first world economy is through the "pambansang industriya". They tell people to study "history" but only to what is written according to the Yellowtard Agenda. They hide the real facts and figures that prove them wrong labeling them as fake and they claim to be the real experts. Many are probably still hoping for the rise of the pambansang industriya

Since people just love to have their favorite sources of "facts" from teleseryes, komiks and pelikulas since they are too lazy to do any research. I still can't forget how the Flor Contemplacion Story was taken as fact even if the film was erroneous. Who can't forget how Marbobo Roxas wrote himself as the "Hero of Yolanda". He even had the nerve to say it was based on real events which only destroyed his credibility. If people are too lazy to do research then it's easy to manipulate them. They can be easily told that everyone else is just telling a lie and that the Liberal Party is all they can trust. 

How poverty can also help in the PNoy life cycle

If there are no jobs available nor opportunities to get yourself employed as an entrepreneur then congratulations - you've hit poverty. This means there will be people who are ignorant and hungry. Do you know not having enough food can be bad for your brain just as too much food is bad for you? As a result of being too hungry and too poor it's very easy to manipulate such people. Besides, I even suspect that the removal of the anti-squatting law is all part of the master plan. If laws against squatting were implemented then where can you get poor people to manipulate into joining the PNoy Pride army?

Who is easier to manipulate - people who are in the working class or people who are below the poverty line? The working class get paid, they may not be living in huge houses but they could afford rent and may find themselves in a more secure position. Some of the working class may be working while paying tuition so they can land on a better job to improve their living status. But the squatters are that easy to manipulate and worse they are encouraged to take pride in their squatter status. These squatters have a lot of bad habits to go along with them like the common poor habit of overspending and their expectation of a welfare state. Such lazy people who want easy gratification are that easy to overcome especially if squatter pride has been passed from one generation to another. Worse, they can be very mean towards fellow squatters who seek to get out of the slums and live a decent life.

Many people tend to think going abroad is the only way of getting a bright future because of a lack of jobs in the Philippines. This in turn creates the OFW phenomenon. It's because there are no jobs that many of them end up going abroad looking for jobs. This creates severed ties among families all in the name of "nationalism". The OFW remittances usually end up financing the corrupt oligarchy. This creates the OFW-driven economy which is faulty compared to the use of foreign investments. I wonder are these people thinking that they are actually taking over the world never mind that OFWs conform to the governments in the foreign lands they work in? 

What's worse is that these Overseas PNoys think that they are the bagong bayani. They end up as Okay Fine Whatevers instead of OFWs with a plan. They think that they can continue with the same cycle of stupidity. They go abroad, make lots of money, come home, spend it all and they continue to remain poor. Worse, many of them think that foreign investors will ruin the country. If they think foreigners are evil then they shouldn't even work abroad in the first place. 

How economic liberalization plays its role in ending the PNoy life cycle

If the economy were opened up then it would certainly put an end to the oligarchy. The reason would be because small businesses focused on basic goods may take it as a chance to sell to more customers and to improve their services through more service providers. You could think of how small businesses can grow through foreign investors. Any competent local business could take advantage of their customers' competitors. They can also take advantage of having more than one service provider to help them to become more efficient. 

Letting the foreign investors into the Philippines (with reasonable restrictions) will result to more job opportunities. If there are more job opportunities then there will be less Filipinos below the poverty line. The need for OFWs will be lessened and that in turn will result to having less OFWs for the oligarchy to exploit. If more Filipinos get more opportunities for higher pay in their own country then the more the chances of them getting exploited would be significantly lowered. That's why the oligarchy doesn't want to open up the economy. It's all about a power struggle. 

It's time to spread the agenda to correct the Philippines' lousy constitution. Yes to Pinoys who fight for a better Philippines. No to Pinoys becoming PNoys because of a defective constitution.