The Dilawan Fight Against Fake News Is A Form Of Selective Justice

What's the whole problem with this Dilawan's "fight against fake news"? The problem is selective justice. Do you remember Leila Dilemma's daring raid against the Bilibid? It impressed everyone and some people thought she was a decent person. It's a good thing some people discovered her dirt late in Noynoy Aquino's term. While Dilemma did a raid but she also showed her selective justice. Evidence of selective justice showed when another raid revealed that there's still much dirt in Bilibid plus the statistics showed worsening crime under her watch. The Dilawans are doing the same that they fight fake news only when it's convenient against them. There's freedom of speech but there's also misuse and abuse of it. There's the Dilawans who demand the fight against fake news but how is this truly a fight against fake news? I believe this is just selective justice at work. Just thinking of who they consider as "fake news" is something. So people like me are "fake news" even if I put "Satirical News" in all my joke news' titles to let people know I'm just joking. Only point-missers will think that it's real. While she claims to fight against fake news but is she really doing? She's showing her fine show of selective justice.

So why are the the Dilawans busy labeling bloggers (both open and anonymous) as fake news without analyzing the content and instead they choose to attack the person? Why are sites like Get Real Philippines and Thinking Pinoy labeled as fake news by the Dilawan? Do they even realize that some of the sites they label as fake news are OPINION SITES not FAKE NEWS SITES. Some of the sites they mentioned are there to react to current events not to write news about current events. If they consider reading Get Real Philippines or any other sites in context they are editorial sites. Disagreeing with somebody's current opinion based on current events is not spreading fake news. Worse, some of their allies (paid trolls or not) will call such sites as "political analyst wannabes" (even when such people are sharing their views or helping someone spread the word needed for a better Philippines) though they'll still dismiss those who are actually more qualified (ex. Atty. Darwin Canete) than those they criticize.

The selective justice happens when they are protecting their allies. These allies are the likes ABiaS-CBN, Philippine Daily Non-Inquirer and Crappler. Although they do give out some real news but they also give fake news. It's a brilliant smokescreen to use real use as a smokescreen so you don't look like you're spreading fake news. I believe the reason why that they are labeled as "fake news" is because it doesn't agree with them. It's just like Jim Paredes' "truth is truth" may actually mean "truth is truth only when it's yellow" or Dilemma's "fight for the truth" is actually "fight for the truth according to the Dilawan Party". They fight fake news only when the spreader doesn't work with them. It's just liker Dilemma's selective justice done during her prison raid last 2014. She prosecuted those who weren't her friends but spared her friends at the same time. What's the use of her having a prison raid if she was going to spare her allies while prosecuting those who aren't her allies?

They show their selective justice also when certain fake news spreaders agree with them. They protect these fake news spreaders who side with them as "defenders of democracy", "defenders of the truth" or any fancy title they could give them. It's like how many Dilawans consider people like Paredes as "decent" and a "fighter for democracy" even when he's shown the behavior of a tyrant during the 2017 EDSA celebration. So why are sites like Change Scamming still online and protected as "real news" when it's guilty of spreading fake news? It's always been about selective justice. Punish those who spread fake news only if they don't work with the Dilawans and lump them together with whoever spreads the inconvenient truth against the Dilawans.