Spreading Of Obviously Satirical News As Real News Happens Because Some People Don't Bother To Read Posts Properly

How any satire writer must be feeling when people ended up believing their joke to be real

I can't remember since when I had a knack for writing SATIRICAL NEWS. I was inspired by it when I started reading So What's News and the Adobo Chronicles. There's a lot of good joke stories but I'd like to talk about how it's no surprise that my joke news on Loida Nicolas Lewis ended up as my currently most popular joke news I wrote up thanks to people who probably don't read before they share. If you read the comments you'll find out that they failed to recognize that the article was obviously for laughs. From purposely misspelled names such as Maute to Matae, Chito to Cheato or Mar to Marbobo should have been a hit. I wanted it to be more obvious than So What's News and Adobo Chronicles such as when I called Alan Purisima as Alan Impurisima.

I decided to re-read some joke news from So What's News and take a look at the comments. Some of these articles are one where former DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Pabaya launched Open Maglakad Ka Na Lang and where Alan Impurisima is banned from entering restaurants. So What's News already had a claim that it's SATIRICAL AND FICTIONAL just like my satirical news series already has "Satirical News:" on its title so why are people getting misled? As I said earlier it's because they fail to read. I really got disappointed at some people who left comments on my anti-Noytard joke news as if they were real news. Can't they read the words "Satirical News:" before the title of each and EVERY joke news I wrote? Also, they could have searched CNN if Loida said such a thing.

Perhaps one of the best characteristics of any joke news is that some authors LOVE to create obviously fake images. If you think that the picture above is Marbobo Roxas playing the lyre while Marawi burns you are sadly mistaken. Come on, even the head of Marbobo in this picture is obviously an edited photo. The use of obviously fake pictures was meant to add to the humor or recycling pictures of people in their funniest moments is another characteristic. It's meant to tell the reader that what they're reading is just a joke. What's so sad is that such people just don't do any further analysis and believe it to be true.

As much as it's good to share the joke posts but to pass them around as if they're real news isn't doing the writer any service. The writer has no intention to mislead the public but only to write joke news to make fun of current issues. It's probably a way to help relieve stress or to at least poke fun of how stupid people can get these days. It's like a comedy of errors to at least poke fun on what if situations based on real life events. But any form of satirical news should be spread as it should be spread - as a joke news and should never be considered as official news.