Is Epal Queen Leni Robredo Using Tragedies As Photo Opportunities?

Above is a stupid meme made by obviously stupid people who think that they can still fool more people with an obvious fake. They say they're against fake news but what is Crapper, Non-Inquirer and ABiaS-CBN doing? They're also spreading fake news while mixing it with real news to confuse people with half-truths. For starters, is Leni Loud really serious about her job or is she really just there for photo opportunities which diehard Noytards will say is her "hard work" as she attends to the arrival of the corpses of those who died during the the Matae terrorist crisis in Marawi City. For their information, President Duterte was there to head operations and declaring martial law during a huge crisis is absolutely necessary. Martial law isn't necessarily bad unless it's misused and abused. It's just like how hammers and knives are used for daily tasks but they can be misused and abused for criminal activities. At the same time, the picture of President Rodrigo R. Duterte sleeping was taken WAY BEFORE the crisis. 

Here's an interesting political analysis from Amir Assadollahi:

Sad to see how the yellows use this as a photo opportunity - my respect to the fallen soldiers, but I must make a commentary to expose the person/people who are mainly responsible for the loss of lives of those fallen soldiers.

My sincere apologies to the family of the fallen soldiers, but everyone must be able to the facts, too.

For Leni Robredo that is just a photo opportunity - no love, no heartfelt care and no respect toward the Philippines and Filipinos - those soldiers gave their lives for the Philippines and the Filipinos to protect its democracy, to protect peace and security, to protect law and order, to protect its national integrity and citizens life and to provide their safety, and to protect the future and future generations of Filipinos from being harmed! While Robredos' speeches and behavior do not match to her "act" here - an act that is only a political ploy and not an show of true respect - an "act" for photoshoots while she should not be even there as a "Vice President" for having being investigated for cheating on elections to change the results of the votes for that position.

I feel sad for the fallen soldiers though I am not a Filipino. I feel sad for any fallen soldiers of any country when seeing they become subjects of political game for their political ambition such as the ones like as Leni Robredo.

I do not like people who thrive from war, corruption and criminality, and she is one of those who thrives from all those things.

If she was really a true human, she would have fully cooperated with the policies of the government on their "war" against drugs, criminality and corruption. That "war" is not a war in literal terms, the usage of term "war" then is to show the commitment and seriousness of the Duterte administeration to bring back the true democracy in the Philippines and set the basis for its growth and development by setting the wheels into motion in creating peace, law and order, justice, development, growth, transparency, prosperity for all citizens equally by working hard to end corruption, criminality and what is the leading cause of problems in the Philippines, the illegal drugs trade that was proliferated by the Yellow party of the Philippines - the Party that Leni Robredo is a proud member of it, and she and her friends, De Lima, Risa Hontiveros, Trillanes and the rest of the bullies are member of and have been using the Philippines to push the people around for their own gains, and they are the people who have prepared the base that has giving rise to terrorism in the Philippines and has caused the lives of many including those brave soldieries.

My respect goes to the fallen soldiers, and with every fallen soldier a hundred more shall rise to fight crime and corruption in aim to protect the seeds of democracy, peace and prosperity that the new administration with President Duterte leadership that is being planted for the future generation of the Philippines.

People like Leni Robrido, Hontiveros, De Lima, Trillanes are line leaches that are sucking the blood of society and draining away what sustains society for their own survival. They are like the pests in a garden that attack the roots of the plants, and the gardeners must remove them, because those pests are the ones that kill democracy and the "war" on illegal drugs, criminality, corruption and terrorism is what is shaking them away from their clinging onto the society's blood and removing them from harming the roots of democracy.

Those clowns are like chameleon that change color to bland in and not be noticed as leaches and pests, but a lizard is a lizard no matter they do, they are coldblooded in their nature.

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator (just in case the name clouded the judgment of some readers!)

Source: FiliNews.PH

So Leni Loud is still that popular? You decide!

This leaves room for thought doesn't it?