If Germany Had The Hitler Youth Movement, The Philippines Also Has The Aquino Youth Movement

I remembered the article in Get Real Philippines that compared Noynoy Aquino to Hitler. Then I remembered writing what some may consider as "your post doesn't make sense" in comparing Noynoy Aquino to Palpatine/Darth Sidious. If Nazi Germany had the Hitler Youth then the Philippines currently has the Aquino Youth. Just because the term of Noynoy is over doesn't mean that the Aquino Youth have given up. The Liberal Party isn't serving itself as healthy opposition but as a government destabilizer all in the name of "democracy".

So what's with the Aquino Youth's existence? Do your remember the time when the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. was going to be buried in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani? Granted, the place is not as hollowed as Aquinotards claim then I have no problem burying him there. They can bury Noynoy Aquino there for all I care. Many of these people who are the Aquino Youth have no experience with martial law yet they protest about martial law. Even minors below 13 get involved in the nonsense of the rallies. Right now, the same nonsense happens as the martial law is in Mindanao yet the protesters are all from Manila. It's all about training the next generation to continue the legacy of martial law crybabies.

Here's what I noticed and it doesn't take a political analyst to see the basics of how these rallies work. Rallies happen while classes are going on. Not all school ends in late March. Some schools have their vacations either on May to June to June to July in contrast to April to May. Regardless, if there are classes shouldn't you be in class instead of attending rallies? It's stupid to say, "I don't care about my grades as long as the nation doesn't collapse." because how can you help the nation if you can't even help yourself? So why are they attending rallies? My observation is that many of them just treat school as a lobby for fun rather than as a place for learning. They are paid to protest. They run out of their parents' allowance (and some of them even belong to the lower class but they still waste their money) so they accept any instant money they can get. After the rally, it's time to waste the money on nonsense like getting drunk or even having a drug party.

How do the Aquino Youth operate in the digital age? They claim that they're fighting fake news and Internet trolls while they are guilty of the exact same thing they're fighting against. Some of them even use their real identities to heckle in the name of bravery. Others operate under Anonymous while demanding others to reveal their identities while they are Anonymous themselves. They spread their fake news which is full of half-truths from the oligarch media. They would call anyone who disagrees with them as fake news spreaders while they spread fake news themselves. They can also do various degrees of character assassination over the Internet like by making up lies they're not even sure of. They also troll various social media groups with their nonsense. They would also attack any cultural change blog or website that goes against their views Jim Paredes style. They troll others and if their victims either troll them back or just politely shrug them off (like how the Digong Duterte Squad did to Paredes) they would cry foul and play the victim. What's ironic is that Antonio Trollanes IV ended up spilling the beans when he talked about how Internet trolls cause trouble and are some are paid to do so.

So much are they paid to troll anyway? Granted that some of them are underprivileged then maybe they can easily be bought by a low sum of money. But they have major backers and some of these could belong to the oligarchy of the Philippines. Let's say that ABiaS-CBN pays at least PHP 1,000.00 to these trolls and rallyists to do what they do. Maybe we can have the Aquinos and Cojuangcos paying them. Bum Aquino has lots of money to finance whatever perverted schemes he has. It's possible that these payments are made much higher than the daily minimum wage. Its' a problem many want "biglang yaman" so they end up joining troll armies of keyboard warriors to get easy money. You may also notice that they also accuse their critics of being "paid trolls" like they may ask how much money am I paid to write this article. But others are too cheap that even a little money would make them give up their dignity for the Yellow Empire. I would say they're running out of supporters so they just pay gullible people to make it look like that they are still plenty.

The battle against the Yellow Propaganda is still going on. The Duterte Supporters can't just leave everything to Duterte. They must take their part to counter these trolls' arguments. The truth of the three point agenda of spreading the benefits economic liberalization in contrast to protectionism, the credibility-driven parliamentary in contrast to the popularity-driven presidency, and federalism in contrast to the defective Imperial Manila System. If those Aquino Youth are against the changes that President Rodrigo R. Duterte is planning in the three point agenda then why don't they just form their own separate state?