Here's Irrevocable Proof That Leila De Lima Is Still Loved By Many Filipinos

Here's the latest proof for the popularity that Leila Dilemma is indeed still very high. There's still a lot of people who have #OneForLeila. As you can see from this picture one can say that many people still love De Lima. This event in Muntinlupa RTC has the whole crowd filled with people who declare their love for Dilemma. You can see how the whole place is crowded. If you can't see them then you must be very stupid. 

Besides, never forget that Feeling VP Leni Loud Robredo is still well-loved by Filipinos as evidenced by this picture. You can see how happy Filipinos are as she performs the duties of President Duterte who was busy in Marawi. If all you see are angry faces then you must be very stupid.

Can't see the supporters or the happy faces? UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard recommends you take shabu since there's no evidence that it leads to violent behavior. Maybe, just maybe you'll finally see that only the Dilawans are the true democracy and everyone else is a dictatorship.