Don't Tell Me Noytards Aren't Spreading Fake News And Trolling Others?

I can remember how Assuming Vice President Leni Loud Robredo once warned that cyberbullies and trolls can hit possible lawsuit. I can also remember how Senator Antonio Trollanes IV may have ended up spilling the beans about their use of trolls and spreading fake news. There's nothing wrong with calling for a fight against fake news but the Dilawans are calling the kettle black. While I don't deny that Dutertard do exist (and there's a fine line between a Duterte supporter and a Dutertard) but don't tell me that Noytards don't exist. Some Aquino supporters may ignorantly state that there's more Dutertards than Noytards.

The Noytards are trolls who spread fake news

There's the ongoing phenomenon called the epidemic of fake news networks. Those who spread fake news aren't necessarily wrong all the time. What they do is that they speak both the truth and a made-up story that is made to look so real that it actually deceives people. Examples of the fake news media are ABiaS-CBN, Crappler and Philippine Non-Inquirer. When Leila Dilemma said that the truth is on her side is it the truth or is it the truth based on her yellow vision? When Jim Paredes said that truth is truth what does he mean? Does he mean that truth is only truth according to the Yellow Party?

It's really something that the Noytards say that this and that are fake news but they're fake news themselves. It's just like don't criticize a Dutertard fake news spreader if you yourself are a Noytard fake news spreader. One of the worst fake news that I've read from ABiaS-CBN is that the Malacanang Palace supposedly fears Agnes Callamard. Detained Dilemma says that the current government is afraid of Callamard. Dilemma is a hypocrite because while she claims to fight for the truth but she has been inciting sedition and playing selective justice. I guess her interview on CNN and getting featured in Crime Investigation was because Manang Loida helped her out get her spotlight. But the years later prove that Dilemma wasn't doing her job properly. Their fellow media is mixing the truth with the lies so well that it misleads the average reader.

Do they know the difference between a blog like this, satirical news sites like So Whats News and the Abodo Chronciles, and fake news? They could easily dismiss anyone who uses a blog by saying, "It's just a blog!" Did they bother to read the content? On the other hand, the paid domains they use as sources can be full of misleading information. Just because a person is using a free domain may not necessarily be a spreader of fake news while many paid domain sites like ABiaS-CBN and Crappler are made to spread fake news. Then again, why attack other sites like Get Real Philippine (which has both a paid domain and a free domain) or even those far more qualified than I am? It's all about whatever is convenient to them isn't it? 

Noytards are real just like every other troll who forces others to accept their views

I could remember the whole interview where Paredes falsely accused the Digong Duterte Squad youths of trolling him. ABiaS-CBN was very "helpful" in cutting the WHOLE CLIP of what really happened between him and the DDS Youth. He accused them of party pooping. All the DDS youth did was to defend their stand. He was the one who trolled him if you take a look. It's stupid how the Noytards are demanding for action against trolls while they're trolls themselves. Facebook pages like Hukayin, Leni Is My VP, Oras Na Roxas Na, Change Scamming and Silent No More are among the many Noytard networks to watch out for.

They have the bad habit of invading various Facebook groups which are not neutral or there to share one's opinion. Instead, they go for groups that are obviously against them. They are hypocritical to kick out members who don't agree with them but they insist that they should be heard and ONLY they should be heard. They are acting like Paredes who was forcing his political views on others while they are accusing others of doing so. They say that they are not trolls but they are there to "Hahahahaha I'm just here to expose how stupid you are!" It's certain that stupid people have the tendency to think themselves as superior above others or smarter than everybody else or that only their views are right. That's why they're stupid. It's because they never acknowledge the fact that they can be wrong.

The story of the Scholars and the Lion can also apply to some Noytards. Not all these Noytards are dropouts or overstaying in College. Some of them belong to prestigious schools that don't easily accept students. Some of them are actually College graduates and may have a high Grade Point Average. They may even have graduated in top schools abroad. In truth stupidity is something that education can't get rid of. It's just like the scholars were pretty skilled. They accomplished the power to revive the dead lion which ended up killing them. Others may be economists, lawyers and doctors but end up saying such crazy stuff. It's just like how Joseph Emilio Pabaya may have a juris doctor degree but ends up saying traffic isn't fatal or how Marbobo Roxas is an economist but he ends up supporting the stupidity of protectionism.


The Duterte presidency is just the start of the change Filipinos need. The real Change Scamming has been the Dilawan party. They promised that the Philippines will rise up after EDSA-1 but it resulted to 30 years of continued cronyism and protectionism. The 60/40 policy continued the crony system and it never brought progress. The Philippines has been behind the ASEAN thanks to a lack of foreign direct investment. Worse, a lot of Filipinos got stuck with backward thinking because of their ignorance of basic economics. But now the fight is on and it's time to Stay Wary of the Dilawan Party.

What can be done? Well I can only suggest help spread the propaganda of the Three Point Agenda with the aim of (1) replacing the Imperial Manila System with a federal system, (2) replacing the popularity based presidential system with the competency-based parliamentary system, and (3) removing economic protectionism in place of free trade with reasonable restrictions. The Noytards are desperate and they will do anything to keep their empire alive. But again, if they can't accept it that their empire is dying why don't they just form their own separate state?