Do Anti-FDI Filipinos Realize That Ultranationalism Isn't Even A Filipino Invention?

June 12 was just three days ago yet I couldn't get my head off from the stupidity of ultranationalism. This time, it's all about defending ultranationalism with the use of foreign sources and materials. Let's just consider the stupidity of the situation. How can you be defending Pinoy ultranationalism when you are using foreign sources to start with?

It all starts with a simple rally to show their stupidity. Every time I see an anti-foreign country rally (and take note that I DO NOT favor any nationality above another nationality) they are always using something that was either invented by foreigners and/or using imported materials. Even if the jeans, the bottled water and a lot of stuff here were made in the Philippines but don't tell me they were concepts invented by Filipinos. Filipinos managed to learn how to locally make them but it wouldn't be possible without the foreign influence. Also, why are they using computer printers which were obviously not made in the Philippines.

Why would they even get foreign sources to defend their stand? I remembered how the Heneral Lunatic page defended its stand by using foreign sources. The page used a socialist publication called Jacobin which is based in New York. I suspect the magazine might be allies with Manang Loida Lewis. Another economist that they might appeal to support their Pinoy ultranationalism with Ian Fletcher who wrote the book "Free Trade Doesn't Work". If they ever plan to use the book against me then the first question that could be worth asking is if they are so nationalistic why get a book written by a foreigner in the first place? Why get a foreign economist who endorses protectionism to endorse ultranationalistic values in the Philippines? Shouldn't they stick to local Filipino economists who promote the idea? Don't even think of getting Fletcher to speak in Ateneo De Manila and University of the Philippines during National Protectionism Month or any event related to protectionism.

They spread their propaganda using foreign medium. using free or paid domain, social media platforms and just everything that was made by foreigners. They use social media they may be paying to boost their agenda and they're paying foreigners for it. When they register on a free or paid domain they are all foreign sources. When they print their propaganda the desktop or laptop used to encode it and the printer used to print their documents are all made by foreigners. So if they want to contradict themselves less they should use primitive ways used by pre-colonial natives of the Philippines to spreading their agenda? 

Did the natives of the Philippines even start protectionism or was it introduced also by foreigners? I guess the history of protectionism is hard to trace but it has been used by a lot of foreigners before it hit Philippine shores. Its practice was used during the Tokugawa era of Imperial Japan, Maoist China and Marxist Russia to name a few examples. Maybe even in ancient times it was practiced by stupid ultranationalist monarchs but it certainly didn't begin in the Philippines. Since ultranationalism is a foreign idea then what will these anti-economic liberalization crowd do now?