Wishful Thinking: Zaido Should Appear In Tokusatsu Series But Not In A Good Way

I still can't forget how I hate Zaido not because it's a localization of Shaider but because of how horrible it is. It fails as both a Tokusatsu and a TV drama. You want to know how to write fantasy drama? Why didn't GMA-7 take a look at all the sources they could have had to look for inspiration such as the Heisei era Kamen Rider series they aired (ex. Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider Kabuto) or the Korean fantasy series they were airing prior to that. With the thought that the second Gavan, Geki Jumonji will appear in one episode of Kyuranger together I wanted to write a thought on how Zaido could appear. No, the actors who played in that stupid show don't need to appear together. Having Mark Cielo appear is as impossible as Hiroshi Tsubaraya appearing because both are dead. We can just have stunt doubles play as the Zaido cast or get some Japanese actors to play as the stupid trio.

What ideas can we milk from Zaido's stupidity? So I thought of these plots which might be hilarious especially if you hated Zaido that much. Here's my ideal plots with how to insert them into any mainline Toku shows:

Kyuranger Episode TBA: 

The Kyurangers meet both the Dekarangers and the three new Space Sheriffs. The plot involves where three failed Space Sheriff recruits claim to be the descendants of the original Shaider but they're not. They create the new Zaido suits hoping to claim themselves as the Universe' defenders. In reality, they are fake heroes. The episode will feature a lot of stupidity like the Avilo breaking apart. Maybe, we could have been vaporized by the Space Shogunate.

Kamen Rider EX-AID Episode TBA:

Why stop insulting them in Kyuranger when you can also put them in EX-AID? The Zaido trio will appear as fake heroes trying to stop the Bugsters. They all get infected with the Bugsters and they will be the first patients that the protagonists couldn't save. I could have Kuroto Dan massacre them as a result. Kuroto the madman could fool them into believing that they could be heroes which he will only kill them in cold blood after two episodes.

They could still be ridiculed in Kamen Rider Amazons (and give them the most brutal death possible) or get them make a short role where they get vaporized in an upcoming Super Hero Taisen movie. What are your other ways to humiliate Zaido?


  1. Because a mediocre show, more so because of it being a big disgrace to tokusatsu, must be humiliated for eternity!

    Well, watcha expect when you get people who don't even know jacks*** about toku (more so people who only know bitch-slaps and hair-pulls for fighting moves) to run this show? Heck, I bet "Bima: Satria Garuda" in Indonesia did better that it even got a sequel and now a movie.

    Then again, GMA could have learned their lesson and gave it another try. But then, it's a Failipino channel abd are so deluded that their telebasuras are the best (with their audience being just as delusional), so.......

  2. A. How About Ultra Series Special like Ultra Fight:


    Zaido Blue
    Zaido Red
    Zaido Green
    Showa Ultra Brothers(Man, Seven, Jack, Ace, Taro, Leo, Astra, 80)
    Heisei Ultra(Cosmos, Mebius, X, Orb)
    Enmargo(from Taro)
    Tsuruk(from Leo)
    Silver Bloome(Enban Seibutsu from Leo)
    Black Directive(The one who will now summon Ultra Kaiju)
    Magma(from Leo)
    Mechagiras(from 80)
    Margodon(from 80)
    Maga Orochi(from Orb)

    Black Directive shows dismay over Zaidos existence for they(Zaidos) are being viewed as serious threat to Ultra & Kaiju, so he forged an alliance with Kaiju & Ultra.
    He(Black Directive) Summons Silver Bloome first to devour all Avilo while Zaidos are inside the mecha.
    Remaining Survivors(except Zaidos) got dismembered by Tsuruk(while he is human size). Yapool starts attacking them(survivors). Hipporito petrifies them(survivors). Margodon randomly froze the city to eliminate Zaidos but survivors are frozen instead. Maga Orochi & Mechagiras fight one of Avilos(in Robot form) & won against it(Avilo Robot Form). Enmargo(for the first time in human size) starts beheading those who side & will side with Zaidos with no Ultras giving a damn over them(Zaido supporters). Eleking also overloading electricity in Zaidos' supposed new base which caused it(new base) to explode.

    With Zaidos being left to fight Kaiju, they have used a strange serum to grow giant by drinking them. Magma Seijin badly injures Zaido Blue when he(Blue) first attacked him(Magma). Ultras appeared and for the first time, the Kaiju(ordered by Black Directive) who attacked Avilos form an alliance to eliminate Zaidos. Ultras simply use their Ultra Beam Finishers(Execpt Seven, who used Eye Slugger, Leo & Astra, who used Leo Kick instead) to defeat Zaidos & then they fed Silver Bloome with Zaidos corpses.

    B. Metalder 30 years after

    Tsurugi Ryusei/Metalder
    Neros Jr.(Son of God Neros)(first appearance)
    Zaido Blue
    Zaido Red
    Zaido Green


    Neros Jr. starts his arms(weapons) business & Zaidos are the first employees to manufacture his products & also the ones to test them. With Neros Jr. unaware of their way of manufacturing, although the sales gone high but ends up with highly negative reception from both consumers, police, & military for having very mediocre creation which resulted to
    I. explosion of arms after pulling the trigger & before the bullet comes out of tube.
    II. cocking part got disassembled.
    III. Rifle scopes function like Kaleidoscope.
    Neros Jr. got humiliated as a result. He then fires Zaidos but they(Zaidos) fight back as they brag that his weapons are the best. He then summons Metalder(who has just restored his human guise & ability to fight) to fight Zaidos as his(Neros Jr.) another way to atone for the sins of his father & Metalder finishes Zaidos with Laser Arm as his final move. Neros Jr. is so grateful to him(Metalder) that he fully becomes good & restarts his business with food as his new products.

    C. Blue Swat vs Zaidos

    Narumi Sho/Blue Swat
    Misugi Sara/Purple Swat
    Sig/Grey Swat
    Gold Platinum(who has just revived after sacrificing his life in episode 51 of their show)
    Usami Seiji
    Aso Sumire
    Zaido Blue
    Zaido Red
    Zaido Green


    During Years after Blue Swat helped B-Fighters fighting Jagul, Blue Research obtained peaceful life until...

    Zaidos caused massive havoc because no one wants to support them & even become like them(to become New Zaidos). Blue SWAT gets full force one more time to permanently restrain Zaidos from creating further chaos. Before they go to Avilo, Gold Platinum destroys their base inside to prevent them from using it(Avilo) to fight as a giant & then Sho transforms into HyperShow to finish Zaidos once & for all. After the Final FIght, Gold Platinum bids farewell to Blue Resarch.


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