What Do You Think Of Daring Cheato Gascon And His Supporters To Solve The Terrorist Problem In Marawi Themselves?

It's annoying how the Commission on Human Rights keeps defending criminals over the law abiding citizens. There's a statement by Lee Kwan Yew that the priority of criminal law is to defend law abiding citizens first over criminals. While criminals do still have rights but it's only not to be punished beyond what they did. What Cheato Gascon is doing now is to defend the Maute terrorists' "dignity" never mind that the use of extreme force was necessary against such groups. With all his meddling in the battle for justice in Marawi, why don't we send him there to solve the problem himself. He's always meddling with affairs from the declaration of martial law to the use of force to fight against such dangerous terrorists. 

I think it's time to dare Gascon with his supporters to Marawi to solve the problem themselves if they oppose the government's use of extreme force against an extremely dangerous terrorist organization. It's no surprise that Leila Dilemma herself proposed such stupid measures in the name of "check and balance". Why should the police issue out warnings when it comes to arresting dangerous criminals? The CHR showed how incompetent it has been. From Dilemma to Etta Rosales to Gascon the organization has done nothing more than promote a culture of impunity. Daring them to go there and solve the problem themselves should be done if they want to show how effective their organization is in keeping peace and order in the Philippines.

While they're there, they will get zero support from the Philippine military. There should be a written contract between them and the Philippine government that they will get no military escort.  They won't be allowed to get any support from the United States of America or any country. Instead, they should be there to prove how "effective" they are with their "peaceful methods" in dealing with criminals. If and if they can stop the crisis themselves then it's time to support them. If not, then CHR should be abolished without any question. Oh, and if Gascon his supporters have no right to complain that they had no backup because they criticized the defensive use of extreme force. They won't have the right to defend themselves either because they keep criticizing people who use force to defend themselves in dangerous situations. After all, didn't Rosales say that the whole Mamasapano incident was just a misencounter when it was a massacre?

If they ever decide to do so, let other news networks feature the contract. If and if ABiaS-CBN should decide to misrepresent the situation by saying they were exiled there, Duterte supporters need to show the contract between CHR and the Malacanang Palace to show that the idiots went there on their own free will. Should they return alive but without success they will be publicly abolished since they're a useless organization that messes up priorities.