Raissa Espinosa-Robles Should Hear Herself Talk First

Raissa Espinosa-Robles is calling the kettle black, isn't she? She accuses Mocha Uson (who I personally dislike even if I'm a Duterte supporter since there are better people out there more qualified than she is) of spreading fake news but hasn't the Yellow Camp been doing the same? This just reminds me of how Jim Paredes accused the Duterte Youth Squad of "trolling" him but evidence shows he was the one who was trolling.

What I'd like to address to Mrs. Robles here is that hasn't the Aquino Empire been doing the same? The Aquino Empire has been brainwashing people with their biased news media. ABiaS-CBN has been known for its biased, B.S. reporting. One good example is how they trimmed President Rodrigo R. Duterte's Hitler statement or another is when they made it look like Parades is the victim of trolling when he's the one who's trolling.

So what's the truth for PNoy Pridists? I guess their only source of truth would be the media that supports the Aquino Empire. It would be like as long as its Philippine Non-Inquirer,Crappler or any of ABiaS-CBN's channels then it must be the truth and they can't be wrong. I guess Mrs. Robles herself thinks that only her camp is the source of truth never mind they've lied to Filipinos for decades.

It's time to demand for responsible journalism not just from the Aquino camp but from everyone involved in it. There should be strict laws to enforce responsible journalism in a healthy democracy. Mrs. Robles should face charges of irresponsible use of free speech. Free speech should be allowed but misuse and abuse of it should face appropriate charges. Better, I'd like to see the Robleses face jail time for helping spread fake news.