Leah Navarro Should Also Ask Where Was VP Leni When President Rodrigo R. Duterte Was On An Important State Visit

Picture taken from the Asian Policy Press

Leah Navarro shows she's a typical Aquinotard. What's with her hypocrisy? It's time to examine the hypocrisy of condoning to everything former president Noynoy Aquino does and condemning everything President Duterte does. Though I'm also giving a warning to some Duterte supporters not to become Dutertards. So let's think of the difference between President Duterte and Epal Queen Leni Loud Robredo as well as President Duterte and Noynoy.

President Duterte was on a state visit to Russia while Assuming Vice President Leni Loud was on a leisure trip to New York. Epal Queen Leni Loud knew the typhoon was going to hit her area but she went anyway instead of cancelling her trip. She could have just asked her daughters to go without her and she should have stayed behind to do her duties. President Duterte was on an important visit. Also, being president doesn't mean he has to do everything as he can delegate authority. Shouldn't Epal Queen Leni Loud at least do her job when President Duterte was on a state visit? So the question is now, "WHERE IS VICE PRESIDENT LENI ROBREDO?" assuming she's even the real vice president.

#NasaanAngPangulo should be very applicable during Noynoy's administration. Let's think about the Mama Si Papa Napaano tragedy. What she could be ignoring is that Noynoy chose the less important stuff when he could have been there when the SAF-44 coffins arrived. He could have sent a proxy during the Mitsubishi plant inauguration since the death of 44 troops under his command are very important. Should I mention it was also his fault that the tragedy happened. He reinstated suspended PNP Chief Alan Impurisima which led to the deaths of 44 officers. As the late Miriam Defensor Santiago said in Tagalog during the SAF-44 hearing, "Kung hindi ka nakikialam buhay pa sana sila ngayon!"

This just shows how biased and incredibly stupid she is. She only thinks with yellow as the only color in her spectrum. For her only the Yellow Media is the truth. Ironically, while ABiaS-CBN lovers claim to fight and hate fake news but they spread fake news themselves with herself included. 


  1. She's been on a blocking spree on twitter (even the ones calmly explaining that the president had no way to know that Maute would have attacked while he was away) instead of defending her tweets. I know you don't need to be smart to sing well, but holy cow this woman is a moron.
    I don't agree with all of Duterte's decisions, but I'd rather have him as president than the incompetent ,"bahala na kayo!" Roxas. Leni seems like a nice woman, but being nice isn't going to drive those Maute bastards away from Marawi. We need someone with balls and actual political/military know-how for that.
    I just stumbled upon your blog today and I must say, I'm really enjoying your entries so far!


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