Jim Paredes Should Try And Solve The Matae Terrorist Problem In Marawi Without Government Support

It's no secret that Jim Paredes is a certified epal and a crybaby. There are way too many times you can't count it he's falsely accused others of doing EXACTLY what he's doing. Do you remember the time he trolled the Digong Duterte Squad during the 31st EDSA? He shows his behavior as a 65 year old man-child and a martial law crybaby.

In one of his latest statements, he actually said that it's sad to think how the old ones in Mindanao are supporting martial law while the younger ones (brainwashed by the Yellowtard media) are the ones protesting against it. Newsflash Paredes... martial law is not always a bad thing if it it's under control. The problem with the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. was not declaring martial law but abusing it. I guess he would have been okay with martial law if Noynoy Aquino declared it but not anybody else outside of the Liberal Party. He acts like he knows how to solve the nation's problems.

So here's a challenge that Filipinos may want to give to Paredes. Why don't they dare him to solve the problems in Marawi himself? Why wouldn't he try to solve the crisis caused by the Matae Terrorists by himself? Of course, he will not have any back-up from military forces. He should do it alone or he may do it with his fellow Yellowtards but he will receive no aid from the government. Again, he will have no back-up from the military forces when he tries to negotiate ceasefire with the Matae Terrorists. Does he even realize that you don't have to be in the military to understand there's no room for negotiation when it comes to a life and death situation? The Matae terrorists are already hurting people and the military must defend the public safety even if it means shooting them. There's no human rights violation in shooting down criminals when you're in a life and death situation.