Is Epal Queen Leni Loud Robredo Ready To Lead The Philippines As She Claims?

Leni Loud Robredo said that she's ready to be president just in case something happens to President Rodrigo R. Duterte. Here's the question I'd like to throw namely how ready is she anyway? Let's think of what she's been doing since she was installed as vice-president.

It doesn't take a political analyst to at least question what in the world is Leni Loud doing with all her pictorials? Some angry critics may say that it doesn't mean Leni's not doing her job. But again pictorials here and pictorials there... what in the world is she thinking? Is she prioritizing her pictorials over her work? I guess that's why she failed as housing czar. If she can't even be entrusted as housing czar then how can she even become ready to handle every responsibility of becoming the new president? 

What she's doing is obviously an intergalactic state of epal. Instead of getting ready to become an effective head of state she's just trying to get more attention. The newest question that should be asked is, "If Leni can't delegate work then how can she lead the nation properly?" I have nothing against the affluent doing menial jobs such as painting and cleaning. Some bosses clean their own offices while janitors do the rest of the cleaning beyond the boss' office. Some bosses choose to paint their offices with the painters so they won't be idle when there's nothing to do for the meantime. What Leni should do is show how she can be effective in delegating tasks instead of showing us that she can paint walls.

Her public approval rating is skydiving one way or another because of her terrible performance. The reason is because all she is "dada lang nang dada". One interview the other proves how she's an abogaga of an abogada. I wonder has she even seen how drug policies in neighboring countries are promoting peace for the better? She could have looked at how other developed Asian countries deal with the drug problem. I wonder has she even done real research on Portugal to start with? I guess she's just using her own imagination. Hmmm... has she been taking shabu as well and she's happy that the idiot Agnes Callamard came here for a sudden visit?