Happy 60th Birthday Marbobo Roxas

Just as this blog wished Leni Loud a happy birthday then it's time to wish her running mate and frustrated president wannabe a happy birthday indeed. If I wished Leni Loud an explosive birthday then I wish Marbobo an electrifying one. A Marbobo Roxas presidency would really mean a  lot of terrible stuff. Just think of these if you want these in your country. Just think of what could have happened if Mar became the president of the Philippines. 

It's time to think about the consequences. Korina Sanchez for first lady may mean another Imelda Romualdez-Marcos or someone worse than her. If Korina were first lady then maybe it's time to go say goodbye to the term Imeldific may soon be replaced by Korina-rific. As if stealing the Yolanda funds to promote a clown wasn't enough then maybe we'll have the ill-gotten Roxas wealth. Maybe Korina may have more shoes than what Imelda was able to collect. Maybe Korina would own a lot of expensive bags at the expense of taxpayers' money.

The crony system would be further strengthened because Marbobo believes in economic protectionism. I think he opposes economic reforms all because he wants to continue to continue protecting drugs. I think he knows that economic liberalization is essential to winning a drug war but he doesn't want to. If we had the term Marcos cronies and Aquino cronies then what do you think of the term Marcos crony? Marbobo may play favoritism with his cronies as long as they give him money under the table. Those who will be blessed will be who could have become the Marbobo cronies.

The statement where he claims he knows where you can buy drugs should get one suspicious. Is that the kind of president that you want? Do you want more Filipinos to get executed abroad for drug related crimes? It doesn't only involve opening up the economy but also uprooting drug protectors. You shouldn't blame the Chinese government for importing drugs to the Philippines. Instead, it's because of drug protecting politicians like Marbobo and Leila Dilemma. Youalso have the Commission on Human Rights. Chinese drug dealers just need to pay respective agencies with money under the table and they get protection in the Philippines.

So what are my birthday wishes for Marbobo? I wish that the people of Tacloban will get their justice. I wish that all those involved in the Yolanda funds will all be punished. I wish that the Liberal Party will stop having its bratty ways. I wish that the Yellow Empire will crumble further. I wish that the economy of the Philippines will open up so Filipinos can have more jobs and the powers of drug syndicates will be lessened. We can all wish Marbobo happy birthday indeed.