Do Martial Law Crybabies Really Know What Martial Law Really Means?

It's really annoying how martial law crybabies today are still martial law crybabies. It's just like how the members of the Aquino Empire. Martial law was declared in Mindanao for sixty days. The reason is because of ISIS insurgents at Marawi. It's not a joke. So why are those martial law crybabies (and they're passing their stupidity to their descendants) still saying "No to martial law!" when they're in Luzon to start with?

Do they know the meaning of martial law or do they just get their definition from pelikulas, komiks and teleseryes by biased media they believe is the truth? Do we need to define martial law again? Merriam Webster defines it as, "The law administered by military forces that is invoked by a government in an emergency when the civilian law enforcement agencies are unable to maintain public order and safety". Did they read that definition? What happened in Marawi is a high state of emergency. If the policemen can no longer handle it then military intervention is definitely needed. But I guess they'd rather listen to the likes of Chief Injustice Maria Lourdes Serreno and Jim Paredes than know what martial law is used for.

The problem with the Marcos Years is not martial law itself. It was a good thing that the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. declared it because of all the Communist insurgents. The stupidity of martial law crybabies is that they're like Marbobo Roxas. Marbobo's solution to the misuse and abuse of hammers was to give special permit to hammers or to ban them in malls. The problem isn't hammers, knives, razors, scissors or anything that's supposed to be keep out of reach of children but their misuse. It's just like whether you use medicinal ingredients to produce medicines or you use them to produce harmful drugs.

Besides, I have nothing against setting strict rules whenever it's a state of emergency. Curfews should be lowered or raised depending on an emergency. If there's serious lack of peace and order here and there then why should we allow youngsters to stay out very late at night? I guess these martial law crybabies are people who feel like they'd rather commit suicide if they have to follow simple guidelines. If they want to really commit suicide should martial law be declared because situation calls for it then go ahead be my guest.