There's A Fine Line Between A Duterte Supporter And A DuterTARD

I'm a Duterte supporter but I'm not okay with everything he does. I agree that he really needs to control his mouth and temper. There are also Aquino supporters who acknowledge that Noynoy has his flaws. There's a fine line between supporting a candidate and becoming a fantard of the candidate. One is willing to criticize their candidate for his or her shortcomings while the other is okay with everything he or she does. Richard Gordon saying that President Rodrigo R. Duterte should control his mouth is good advice to the head of state.

It's a problem that some Duterte Supporters have stooped down to the level of Aquinotards who may also be alternatively called Noytards. The problem is that some of these Duterte supporters can end up with the "Duterte can do no wrong." which is no different than "Noynoy can do no wrong." or glorifying any kind of candidate as if they can do no wrong. Any kind of political retardation is stupid. I mean don't put all your eggs in just one or a few baskets if there are other good baskets available. I support President Duterte's economic agenda but he needs to rethink about stuff like how high school mathematics should go unless he was just using it to win in a dirty race. =P

Here's something that GRP Pundit said about Dutertards and the need for them to choose their battles:

The irony is that it’s the pro-Duterte bloggers themselves who are stupidly helping the yellow FB pages get attention. Sasot, Thinking Pinoy, and Mocha Uson keep talking about the yellow pages, so now the FB numbers of those yellow pages are going up. Most of the traffic is coming from Dutertards bashing the admins of those pages, after reading something on one of the pages of the pro-Duterte bloggers. The fools just don’t get it. The more they go to those yellow pages, the more attractive those pages become to anti-Duterte financiers, and the more resources those pages will have to attack Duterte.

The pro-Duterte bloggers just don’t know how to choose their battles. They react emotionally whenever yellow trolls attack them, instead of using their heads. The yellow FB trolls are provoking them on purpose to get them to react, and each time, they walk right into the trap. The guy who makes the videos Mr. Riyoh was the only one who saw through the yellows’ scheme, but seems he’s disappeared.

It does talk about the Duterte side but think of how the Noytards inadvertently brought ruin to themselves as well. You do it, I do it... we all do it. What happens is that Noytards by attacking Duterte pages (and vice-versa) is that they end up promoting each other. Sometimes, the more personal the battle gets the more the other party gets promoted instead. The more irrelevant issues they throw the more they end up promoting each other instead of destroying each other. I guess that explains why we still have both the Marcoses and the Aquinos in power because of their loyalists who end up promoting their rivals by vilifying one another. I guess the more the Marcostards and Aquinotards fight each other the more Marcoses and Aquinos keep winning seats of power. Isn't it amazing how Aquinos and Marcoses still keep popping like popcorn? If Noynoy, Bum, Imee and Bongbong aren't enough then don't be surprised if more Marcoses and Aquinos will become politicians no thanks to Aquinotards and Marcostards. 

The Dutertard should realize that they still need to give some constructive criticism towards President Duterte for his shortcomings. They should think about how they can make their candidate better than by supporting their candidate blindly. They still should recognize that some Noynoy supporters did criticize Noynoy for his shortcomings. They still need to think not everyone who supports Noynoy is necessarily against everything President Duterte does. An Aquino supporter might say, "I don't like Duterte but I don't approve of what Jim Paredes did during the 31st EDSA celebration. I don't like the Duterte Youth Squad either but I admire their professionalism in how they faced off against Paredes' childish behavior." I don't think Paredes' behavior was ever condoned to by Aquino supporters in contrast to Aquinotards. I'm glad to know that Paredes made a fool out of himself even in his own camp.

Not everything good (or bad) happens because of the candidate. Noynoy had NOTHING to do with the loss of the two Filipino athletes in Singapore as much as President Duterte had NOTHING to do with Maxine Medina's loss. If the stock market is up or down or gasoline prices go up or down (or just anything) the president isn't always to blame or praise for it. Gasoline prices are dictated by the world market and there's little or none a head of state can do. The stock market's performance is also affected by the world market and not just political and economic factors. The PSEI's performance during Noynoy's first 100 days in office may have been a spillover effect than his achievement. Not everything bad or good is the achievement or failure of the head of state. Retards don't want to use their common sense and they just want to keep reacting with their emotions. 

In truth, it might be best that the idiotic critics be left to do what they do. The more the Noytards do what they do best the more they end up destroying themselves. Paredes' behavior only ruined him and he's lost support of his fellow APO Hiking Society member Danny Javier. Cynthia Patay's stupidity only ruined her like how she made unsubstantiated claims about Davao and her call to boycott Yellow Cab Pizza. It's hard to do so but again there's a lesson to learn from the Duterte youth members that Paredes heckled. Paredes made himself lose more relevance when those he trolled (and he accused them of trolling him) replied to him in a dignified manner. Leila Dilemma's meltdowns only made her lose credibility. On the other hand Risa Hontivirus-Baraquel, Solita Monsod and Bum Aquino retaining their dignity while going against President Duterte should be a lesson to anyone and not just the Aquinotards. So please support President Duterte but criticize him when he's wrong and don't be a DuterTARD.