Seven Reasons Why Super Sentai Girls Rock A Lot More Over Penoy Teleserye Girls

It's a very insulting thing to say, "Ang laki laki mo na nanood ka pa ng Super Sentai!" or "Wow, you're already an adult and you're still watching Super Sentai." That's coming from the feeling mature crowd who waste their time destroying themselves. Some of them may also be single parents who are below the age of maturity hence they can't even get a decent job to support their child.

They may also be claiming that "teleseryes are da best in a world". They may also claim that they're watching their shows in the name of nationalism. Worse, I'm told if I like watching Japanese shows then I should live in Japan as if the Philippines doesn't owe anything to Modern Japan. Now I'd like to poke an insult to their way of thinking. It's time to think about why Super Sentai girls rock and why Penoy teleserye girls suck.

They can pretty much hold on their own before the rest of the team arrives 

I don't deny that Super Sentai has always been a team. The women aren't always portrayed to be the strongest but it doesn't mean they're inferior. Maskman's women are not to be underestimated. Any focus episode they have shows that they can last much longer than telebasura girls. My favorite episode is when Haruka and Momoko fooled Kiros into believing he controlled them. Sure they were nearly murdered in that episode, the men came to save them but they always stood on their own. There are also instances that they also saved the men in their team. It's all about everyone saves each other and they can go from damsel in distress in one moment to badass princesses in another.

They come up with witty plans that help save the day

I remembered the episode in Bioman when a local town was taken over by mechanical spiders. The focus wasn't only on a child's courage to stand up to New Empire Gear but also how Jun and Hikaru (Kimberly in the dub) both came up with a solution. Hikaru allowed herself to be captured by the spider which was all part of the plan. Sure, Jun is scared of spiders but she didn't allow it to come in the way. They don't act like teleserye girls who usually can't even come up with simple solutions towards their simple problems.

Being the lone female in certain seasons is no hindrance

While I usually prefer a team of two females (which balances things out better IMO) but I don't see any reason why having only one female can't work either if she's written properly. Super Sentai didn't always have two females until Bioman started. The only female member of the team can hold on her own until the others back her up and she also helps the other male member in trouble. There are also times they show how they can be better than the men of their time and vice versa. In a few cases, there are also a few female leaders like Tsurihime, Yuuri and Ran Uzaki who are all lone females of their team. 

Some Super Sentai girls are female mentors and allies who help out their team

Whether they be the main mentor an assistant mentor you can't discount how they're better than teleserye girls. Aya Odagiri wasn't always the head of Skyforce until a lot of her higher ups died on the day Radiguet attacked their space station. Miki Masaki in Gekiranger is the head of SCRTC and you can't mess with her martial arts skills. If they're not the main mentor they also help out the male mentors with their work. Swan in Dekaranger fills up for what Doggie Kruger can't do and vice-versa. 

Even klutzy Super Sentai girls can still do their job

There are a few times klutzy Super Sentai girls appear like Umeko, Natsuki and Eri. I like singling out Eri and Natsuki for being that dumb. But guess what? They may be dumb but it doesn't mean that they can't get the job done. Natsuki may be a child in an adult's body but she still develops as a character. Umeko may be the weak link between her and Jasmine but she still develops. Eri may be the super stupid Goseiger but she still develops as a character. These klutzes learn their lesson almost every time it's their focus. I can't forget how Natsuki actually took accountability for her actions in the episode where she and Sakura used rifles in their quest to rescue the other Boukengers. 

They are more mature-minded and NOT feeling mature compared to telebasura girls

I'm using ToQGer as an illustration for this one. Sure, I don't find the show all that appealing but I don't deny how everyone matured in their adventures together. They may be children in the bodies of adults but they're more mature than the grown up telebasura girls. They have a lot of life lessons learned in their time as children in the bodies of adults. Super Sentai girls tend to mature as the series goes through. 

Beauty is just a bonus... nuff said

I don't deny that I tend to watch Super Sentai for the chicks but beauty is just a bonus. I still can't forget I watched Megaflunk for the girls. That show is so mind-numbing that I'm glad I didn't finish it and watched only a short part of the awful finale to see how a bad show would end so I could mock it further. Lesson learned is that eye candy will never make a bad show any better. Sure Super Sentai usually has a lot of eye candy for most of the run but it's not what makes those shows better. Beauty is just a bonus compared to how these girls beat teleserye girls in everything I just previously mentioned.