Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Is The Johnny English Of The Philippines

Do you remember the film Johnny English? I remembered the tagline that said, "He knows no fear, he knows no danger, he knows nothing." The protagonist acted by Rowan Atkinson is really that stupid to the point he fears absolutely nothing as a result of it. The same may be applicable to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV with his antics. This guy really looks like he knows no fear and no danger because HE KNOWS NOTHING. He's all "talk ng talk" in the Senate. He should have just become Smart's model for the Talk N Text promo instead of going to the Senate. 

The coup he planned during the Arroyo Administration ended in miserable failure. I guess he went through the coup without any proper planning hence it failed miserably. He knows no fear, no danger because he knows nothing. Any brilliant master coup plotter would slowly but surely come up with a good plan. But no, not Trillanes. He was overconfident and he wasn't scared to fail to even launch such a difficult coup. The coup was easily stopped hence he couldn't even cause that much trouble with such a dimwitted plan.

Now he's still doing his same outrageous stupid activities that could charge him with treason. He's provided a lot of inconsistent outrageous stories to just a lot of outrageous accusations. He even dares President Rodrigo R. Duterte to disprove the accusations. One of his accusations has been disproven so why is he still making up more outrageous stories one after the other? Worse, he's even trying to file an impeachment complaint against President Duterte based on shaky evidence. He even dares the President based on allegations than concrete facts. I guess he like Leila Dilemma is still determined to look like a hero when in fact he's nothing but a zero. 

I guess he won't make such a great secret agent either. Can you imagine he already decided to social media trolls accountable when he is one? Who is he trying to kid when he's a troll himself. In short, he's already spilled the beans in more than one occasion. By revealing that paid trolls are paid to spread fake news he may have already jeopardized his own party. Way to go Trillanes, way to go. He actually makes Mr. Bean look smart. At least Mr. Bean isn't stupid enough to lead a coup or make up a lot of inconsistent nonsense stories or to spill the beans. 

What do you think?


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