It's More Than Time For A Vote Recount

The electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos is still going on. Right now, I even have my doubts whether or not Leni is truly the Vice President of the Philippines. If she won fair and square why is the Liberal Party or should I call them the Hepatitis A Party desperate with every move that could lead to a recount? Why is Leni desperate to get the request rejected by the Supreme Court? Why is Loida Nicolas-Nicolas already demanding that President Rodrigo Duterte should resign so Leni Robredo can be president? I smell a rotten fish and it's a yellow fish. 

After I learned about that voting machines can be sabotaged then it's highly possible there's Plan A and Plan B. Maybe Mrs. Lewis originally planned that Mar Roxas should be the next president but the cheating would be too obvious. Would have Mar won by Hocus PCOS with his very low popularity rating then cheating would be obvious. Plan B might have been to let Leni win just in case she's second most popular. It wouldn't look so obvious that they cheated if Leni suddenly won because she was the second most popular candidate instead of making Mar the president through cheating. This would also make it look like they didn't cheat until today.

Why do I insist on recounting the votes? This may also expose senators who didn't legitimately win. Who knows what if Leila Dilemma wasn't even legitimately voted in the first place? How many got deceived by Dilemma herself into thinking she was a woman of justice when she was actually protecting druglords if they were her allies? What if other Liberal Party senators were not even legitimately voted? This would mean a huge blow on the whole Aquino Empire assuming they were installing their party members by cheating.


  1. It's better if BBM were real VP to endorse constitutional authoritarianism than democracy. Discipline and Authoritarianism is a development for progress and economy than democracy and freedom. We can't be like North Korea and Mao Zedong Era China.

    1. Bongbong endorses New Society and constitutional authoritarianism and discipline from his father if he were a real VP winner.


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