Lugaw Committee Head Leni Robredo's Loss Of Credibility Is AMAZING

It's time to think of how Lugaw Committee Head Leni Robredo is losing credibility. What's going on? Why is she declaring war on Internet trolls as if Aquinotrolls don't exist? That reminds me that Energy Secretary and miracle worker Antonio Trollanes may have spilled the beans about how the Yellow Army works.

At first, I didn't want to believe that she cheated to become Vice President. I was willing to support her anyway. I believed that the late Jesse M. Robredo was a good man as DILG Secretary but #NagaLeaks may suggest otherwise. It turned out that some evidence is starting to point out that Leni's just faking her humility and that she's not the real vice president. Why is she so afraid of a manual recount? Why is she having her Piso For Leni campaign which ended up failing? Honestly, my admiration for her failed learning that she's got that mukhang walang kasing kapal. I wanted to support her but all she did is showed how she's got a thick face and very thin skin. While President Rodrigo R. Duterte should control that temper of his against some people but again, so does Leni.

Let's go back to Lugaw ni Leni which supposedly earned that much money in such a short amount of time. I can understand if she earned a lot of money if she were earning it from franchising fees than from people around the Philippines were franchising her lugawan. But here's the issue: where did all that campaign funds come from and how could lugaw have such a huge return on investment in such a short time? Not even big time businessmen like Tony Tancaktiong became that rich that fast with their fastfood business. Jollibee didn't succeed that fast unlike Lugaw ni Leni. As a person who used to be involved in selling rice in a local wholesale business I find it amazing how she exponentially earned money. I haven't had a million or billion return in investment with rice in such a short amount of time and neither has anyone in the similar trade. It's mind-boggling how she had a huge ROI in such a short amount of time. For those I know who sell lugaw none of them earned back their ROI that fast even if they're doing well. Maybe, some of those who sell lugaw may have even produced better lugaw than she did thanks to innovative cooking.

It's stupid to complain about President Duterte's short fuse when Leni herself is also hypersensitive to criticism in her own way. I admit, I myself can be very hypersensitive but I try to ignore people. What's even worse is that she's already accusing her critics of being "paid trolls" never mind not every critic is paid to critique. So what's her proof anyway that so and so is being paid to go against her? She exhibits the problem of assuming that almost everyone who criticizes her is binayaran never mind that some people who agitate others are just doing it because they're bored losers in society or just a group of people who beg for attention. She's getting more mindless with how she's not doing her assigned duties so it's good she's out as housing czar. She was given her chance to prove herself and she blew it. Now she's blowing it all the more.

If she wants to resign when death penalty will be reinstated then that's good. Maybe President Duterte can assign her to head the Kitchen Committee should we get a new vice president. Maybe the Philippines will earn billions in revenue when the Duterte Administration will serve Lugaw ni Leni to various ambassadors and it may become a worldwide franchise. She should be where she should be: at the kitchen cooking lugaw.