Are The Six Knocked Out Liberal Party Senators For Democracy Or Aquinocracy?

Here's another picture made by Noytards who said that "RIP Democracy". But I don't think they're fighting for democracy but Aquinocracy. During the six years of Noynoy Aquino the whole Philippines was under the PNoy First Policy and Aquino First Policy. I would believe that those Noytards or Aquinotards think that democracy is only possible by the rule of the Liberal or Lugaw Party and every other party is a dictatorship.

I don't think the six remaining senators are fighting for truth, justice and democracy but to propagate the yellow lies as truth, Dilemma's injustice as justice and Aquinocracy as democracy. The nation already saw Leila Dilemma's true colors yet some still believe she's just a victim of dictatorship. No, Dilemma is not a victim but a criminal. She's not a political prisoner but someone who should be jailed for inciting sedition at the Senate. If all the decisions were left to the Liberal Party without consulting everyone how is that democracy? It's not democracy but the rule of Aquinocracy or Yellowcracy is only the Liberal Party have the right to be heard.

What's ironic is that Senator Risa Hontivirus-Baraquel ended up saying that the shuffle balanced the Senate. I wonder is she always flip-flopping like her hunger strike proposal that didn't push through. The Liberal Party was dominant for years. Now it's time to tip the scales of the Liberal Party and give other parties a chance. Remember support whatever political party you want to support but if that political party puts its interests then loyalty to the country comes first before political parties. 


  1. Why not we name Risa Hontiveros Risa Hornyvirus, not Risa Hontivirus?

    We would not need Liberal Party of the Philippines as we want to endorse authoritarianism from late FM.


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