Falsely Accusing Non-Pinoys Of Being Racist Toward Pinoys Just To Enjoy One's Blunder

Based on this Butthurt Philippines comic strip, there's always the irritating attitude that many Filipinos have that they tend to accuse foreigners who offer criticism to them to be racist. Some people even think this blog is very anti-Filipino and racist towards Filipinos without pointing the specifics. A lot of stupid stuff like attacking the person instead of the argument and not making sensible conclusions are done to further enjoy their blunder. The bitter irony is that many times those who call others to be very stupid tend to be even more stupid.

I also recalled an article from Get Real Philippines that shows common irritating ways that a lot of Filipinos tend to react to criticism. Two examples I'll name are they say that the non-Pinoy is hating Pinoys or that non-Pinoys should just "go back to their country". I'm still reminded of how some Pinoys even showed hostility towards Filipino-Chinese during the whole conflict with Spratlys. Worse, many of them do character assassinations through name calling, making false accusations and other childish methods they could employ just to make themselves look good. While I could care less about bad grammar on their part since not all Pinoys are blessed to enter into more prestigious schools but their lack of decency is always a bigger issue. If they have a hard time speaking proper English then the least they can do is to practice decency.

So why do I think non-Pinoys who offer criticism to Pinoys about their bad habits are considered racist? My wild guess it that many Pinoys tend to use their Pinoy identity as a license to blunder which in turn hurts every decent Pinoy. Let's just talk about a few examples like if a non-Pinoy boss scolds their Pinoy employee for doing stuff like habitual tardiness, playing loud music in public or throwing one's garbage anywhere. They might say that it's all part of their Filipino identity. Another might be they'll get mad at Tsinoys who tell them that their wasteful habits need to stop for their own good. They're no better than those stupid Chinese at Yulin who not only hated their fellow Chinese for criticizing their stupid health hazardous festival but also called many racist for not respecting their "glorious tradition". Again, even if they're given advice from fellow Pinoys they'll still shun it wouldn't they?

This habit of accusing non-Pinoys to be racist may be observed during international competitions. May I remind people that it's common to smart-shame talented Pinoys then free-ride on them when they win international competitions. There's too many incidents to mention but I could think about a few examples which I encountered personally. Let's just say that there was a Pinoy contestant who joined an international competition and lost fair and square. But for the victim card playing Pinoy they're most likely going to shout "RACIST!" even if the Pinoy contestant didn't deserve to win. Worse, they may even be telling their fellow Pinoys that they're traitors to the country if they don't agree with them. Since when did Pinoy nationalism call for Pinoys to only support their fellow Pinoys in international competitions? What's worse is that they keep shouting PENOY PRAYD whenever a Pinoy makes it big all the while they smart-shamed the person who brought glory to the Philippines. They don't deserve to share in that glory because they contributed nothing to the wins of successful Pinoys.

Some of them can even go as far as to unfairly generalize a race while they get mad if it goes back at them. The issue is more than just double standard - it's their feeling that they need to dominate others. For instance, they could start throwing accusations at Chinese for being all drug dealers, dog eaters or being bootleggers even if not all Made in China products are fake. A lot of stuff we use today are made in China because that's where the labor took place even if these products aren't Chinese. So how would they like it if Chinese decided to accuse them of being drug mules because of the incident of Pinoys being involved in the drug trade? It's stupid to blame China for the drug problem for this reason. China has a strong anti-drug war policy that if you sell harmful products there you're guaranteed a place in their chopping board. Some Chinese bootleggers and drug manufacturers have the habit where they move all the way from China to the Philippines where they're guaranteed protection to sell their harmful products to a gullible population.

Then again, I don't deny that Filipinos can be victims of racism just anywhere but they're not the sole victims of racism. Every race has its own history of being victims of racism and being guilty of racism. Filipinos aren't any better than any nationality or race. Again, when will it enter your thick skull that I don't favor any nationality and neither should you?