PNoys Need To Think Outside Their Yellow Box

While I would like to discourage Dutertetardation or any form of political retardation but I'd like to call the Yellowtards' attention. So what's in the mind of a Yellowtard? There's always the problem of "Basta Aquino" mentality. For them, if it's an Aquino or their associate then he or she automatically gets the vote. Fortunately, Mar Roxas didn't win the presidential bid but there's still some more of the yellow media going on. While I do agree that President Rodrigo R. Duterte needs to control his temper and mouth, he still needs to rethink over some of his proposals but it doesn't make the Aquinos or their associates are always right.

Did the Philippines get better after the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. got ousted? No. The problem of the 1987 Constitution continued the system of cronyism and the oligarchy that was left behind after the Marcos Years and made worse by the post-Marcos years. Instead, people just keep saying that the late Cory restored democracy and that the Philippines is a free country. Unfortunately, the 1987 Constitution's protectionist clause only provided a blessing for the oligarchy but others who are not part of it are not blessed. Regular businessmen to the working class don't benefit from it. With limited products and services one must must whether or not businesses can truly move forward. With so limited competition one can see that's why incompetence is so common in the Philippine business market.

Many people today just don't want to think outside the Aquino or Yellow Box. The Monsods are pretty much outdated and they need to see that the old system isn't working. The Robleses need to do some research or shut up about their stupid pro-Aquino ideals and see why first world countries progress. They need to stop the mentality that the U.S. will always save the Philippines. They need to get better sources than just the pro-Aquino and/or pro-oligarch media or stupid DepEd textbooks to understand better what's going on in the Philippines. Then again, they'll probably just say that I'm a political analyst wannabe. No, I don't intend to be a political analyst but I just want to help spread the word for the need for change for the better. Then again, would they even listen to a political analyst when he or she brings out more than what I can share? I doubt it because a lot of Filipinos still won't listen even to a more qualified person who has something better to share.

Right now, the battle is really on to show Filipinos the flaws of the Yellow Box mentality. Many of them would still choose to take things out of context like the Duterte/Hitler remark (which he apologized for) or that they'd want Duterte to ride his jetski but they protest at the idea of letting Noynoy fulfill his hyperbolic statement namely Sagasa 2016. In short, it's been a series of favoring the contents of the Yellow Box while ignoring what every other box has to offer. Why protest against President Duterte now but fail to address Noynoy's failures? In short, it's just favoritism for everything Yellow while ignoring every other color. 


  1. As of now Philippines still follows that stupid 1987 Constitution. The remaining projects of Former Pres. Marcos was left unresolved, such as the plans to open a Lung Center, Heart Center, International Highways and a power plant for cheap electricity.

    1. What saddens me is that Filipinos still worships their GODs (the Aquinos or the Evil Yellow Ribbon Society) and to be honest the Aquinos did not made this country better but even worse!


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