For The Love Of Protesting At The Last Minute!

On the light of the Marcos burial, it's very easy to see Filipinos just love to procrastinate. There was so much time for the Liberal Party senators to actually pass a law that would have prevented Marcos Sr.'s burial at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani. Why didn't they actively fight the Marcoses while they had the power? I guess the Aquino Imperialists thought that they would forever hold the power in the Philippines but that's where they're wrong. If great empires of the past fell down and so will the Aquino Empire. Every empire has its own expiration date and one can say that the Aquino Empire is already dying. Now let's take a look at the problem of Filipino activists who love protesting at the last minute.

Try to remember Flor Contemplacion's execution last March 17, 1995. The incident happened around May 4, 1991 and it wasn't a rushed trial. Years later, we have the three Filipino drug mules in China who were arrested in 2008 and were executed in 2011. What can be clearly seen is that where were all the protests in between the date of arrest AND the date of execution? NONE! The same also happened with Mary Jane Veloso whose fate is still hanging on the balance. They all waited for the last minute before they decided to protest to spare the life of so and so. Just because it worked on Mary Jane Veloso doesn't mean it it will always work. Most of the time, last minute protests are always a waste of time. Imagine protesting until daybreak only to find out that it was so last minute and not to mention useless. Do these people think the world should hear them because they think that the OFW program means Filipinos are taking over the world? I guess that also feeds their delusions to why they choose to do the protests at the last minute aside from a severe lack of punctuality.

As for the recent anti-Marcos burial they also had ALL the time do it. Let's say there's already been decades of time that the Aquino Empire was at its prime. It still bothers me to why they still insist that Marcos Sr. ordered the assassination of Ninoy Aquino when later clues don't point at all? If they really want to find out who killed Ninoy and get the person to justice why refuse to have it investigated? It couldn't even be proven. During the last term of Noynoy why didn't he declare no heroes burial and make sure that it was implemented? I guess Noynoy was too confident that he could get his idiot right hand Mar Roxas to become the president. But even after one political stunt after the other, not so many wanted to vote for Roxas signifying the decline of the Aquino Empire. The habit of procrastination and arrogance led to the decline of the Aquino Empire. Now the supporters decide to protest against the Marcos burial only now when the empire is crumbling? Ano ito? Paawa na naman? For non-Tagalog speakers that means "What's this? Asking for pity again?" All I can say is, "SINO NILOKO MO?!" or "WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID?!" Better yet, I want to tell them, "REALLY? TELL ME ABOUT IT?!"

As I love to say it time waits for nobody. Do these people think that just because they're Filipino that they have these "special privileges"? Being a member of ANY race doesn't make you exempt from following the rules. No, being Filipino doesn't mean time will wait for that person. Time won't save the idle Filipino in his or her burning house. Any Filipino who wastes time will just be as sorry as any person from any other race who wastes time. Filipinos who are on time are never late because they agree with the time. Filipinos who think time waits for them are always late because time never waits for them. Get over it... TIME WAITS FOR NOBODY!