PNoy Pride Is A Real Obstacle For Change

Even after the end of the Noynoy Administration, it can be seen that the problem of PNoy pridists still shows up like a plague. Okay, I do agree that President Rodrigo Duterte needs to be wary about his Punisher or Deadpool like behavior in public but it doesn't mean I'm supporting the Noytards. So what's wrong with the Noytards? Let's just think about the whole problem of Noytardism for the past six years.

What the Noytards or PNoy Pridists are doing is trying to keep Filipinos away from the issues that really matter. How do they do that? They're trying to attack other issues no matter how small or how big they are to distract any potential investigation against any member of the Liberal Party. The other course of distraction involves the use of ABiaS-CBN or the use of Kris TV to distract people away. They could go ahead and attack every issue and upraise anything the Yellow Media has to offer to the people.  

With the current situation in Davao City, some of these PNoy Pridists are already sensationalizing that it's already "martial law" as declared by President Duterte. Please, if there's a major incident that could threaten the lives of people don't tell me that we don't need military and police presence? Come on, I dare those PNoy Pridists to really have a non-military intervention against any dangerous terrorist organization should they hit their beloved Imperial Manila. I dare them to try and do a no-military intervention towards a very dangerous enemy. This martial law crybaby syndrome has got to go because it's not helping.

It's also their problem why Aquinos are just getting into power. In their mind, as long as it's an Aquino or any candidate sponsored by an Aquino then he or she must be good. They think everything the Aquinos did was good never mind that the whole 1987 Constitution is preventing progress for the Philippines. It's observable that all because of the late Ninoy's death it's become a ride of necropolitics. When Ninoy died, Cory became president and when Cory died, Noynoy became president and Bum Aquino became Senator. Besides, one must be careful that maybe one of these days, Kris Aquino may become president.

Not to mention, PNoy Pride also blinds many Filipinos from seeing the badly needed reforms for a better Philippines. Some of these important reforms is the need to liberate the economy from 60/40, the need to shift from presidential to parliamentary system, getting ride of the useless Commission on Human Rights office, and the need to shift from the Imperial Manila system to a federalized Philippines. These are but a few stuff that the Philippines needs to do in order to achieve the level of progress like other developed countries in Asia. Honestly, it's been 30 years since the rise of the Aquinos. Tell me then what progress did they bring to this country?