Bomb Jokes Aren't Funny

Due to the recent Davao City bombing and the need to have a state of emergency, I decided to write this post on bomb jokes. It's no secret that many Filipinos do have a very foul sense of humor. Be it at the dinner table and they talk about gross stuff. They love to raise false alarms just for fun. These are all but part of the problem of NOT FOLLOWING SIMPLE GUIDELINES. It's time to talk about bomb jokes and why they aren't funny.

False alarms are never funny. Do you remember the story of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf?" He frustrated the villagers with his false alarms. In the story, the wolf attacked the sheep and in some versions, even the boy died at the end. In the real situation, the wolf may not just be after the sheep but after the villagers. In the case of bomb jokes, that's one lie that could make everyone dismiss a real bomb threat. When there's a real bomb and nobody believes then we could have a huge massive disaster no thanks to somebody who kept crying wolf.

There should be strict law enforcement against bomb jokes. It's not enough to make a guideline against it. A bomb joke would cause unnecessary panic and may condition people not to believe any bomb warning believing it was a joke. I would suggest such people should go to jail maybe for six months to a year or more. That "harmless" joke could cause serious injuries or even death towards people with disabilities, the sick and the aged. While a joke can be fun but when it's put out of place (like a bomb joke) then it's not funny anymore.