It's Self-Contradictory To Oppose Economic Liberalization While Dreaming Of Going To First World Countries

With the current plans of President Rody Duterte to open up the economy, it's very easy to see that there are many who'll oppose it. The reason for opposing economic liberalization comes with various stupid reasons. Some of these reasons include they think that foreign investors are foreign invaders, they have a backwards mindset no thanks to their lack of knowledge in basic economics, they think that only foreigners will get rich in allowing more foreign investors or they're simply those super annoying ultranationalists

Many of them think nothing's wrong with the phenomenon called economic protectionism believing that the Philippines could go ahead and just self-industrialize. But the whole problem is they're reading from faulty history textbooks. No, the first world countries didn't industrialize. Many of them oppose economic reforms that would open the Philippines to economic investors all the while they dream of having vacations or for some, to work in first world countries assuming that they're OFWs. This happens to be nothing more than a contradiction of one's values.

The first world countries got progressive thanks to foreign investments and not through "national self-industrialization". I assume that if a survey is done with questions relating to economic liberalization and dream country to travel, there might be a series of contradictions. For instance, one may get results that you have Filipinos who oppose economic liberalization while they dream of going abroad to South Korea instead of North Korea. You might even get results that they'd want to work in South Korea than North Korea. 

It's self-contradictory because of the facts that one may learn. North Korea is a country that's bound to economic protectionism while South Korea greatly benefits from free trade. If they hate free trade so much then why don't they decide to have their next vacation in either North Korea or Venezuela to name a few? Why are they enjoying K-Pop songs from South Korea rather than North Korean revolutionary songs? Why dream of going to Brazil than to Venezuela? I really suggest that these people should try taking a vacation to these countries so they'll know why the Philippines should be given economic liberalization from the 60/40 policy.