Former President Noynoy Aquino Is NO HERO To The Philippines

Considering that tomorrow is Ninoy Aquino day, I thought I'd consider doing something different. Instead of focusing on the late Ninoy, I think I might focus on the former president Noynoy. Noynoy did mention that he might become a hero like his father to preserve his father's legacy. Big talk for that guy considering he didn't even willingly risk his neck during the Manila Hostage Crisis or the SAF-44 incident. Instead, what does that guy do anyway? It's all but big talk and Noytards just can't accept that Noynoy is not the best president ever neither is he a hero for the Philippines.

What did the whole Aquino legacy leave behind for Filipinos to be proud of anyway? Ever since the 1987 Constitution, things just got worse and worse. Not only have they created a legacy of martial law crybabies but they've also created a legacy of a Philippines that's stagnant. The 1987 Constitution has left the Philippines with the Tagalog imperialist system, left a sad and sorry legacy of economic protectionism which has reduced job opportunities for Filipinos and that's what Noynoy as a "hero" for Filipinos has done. Instead of seeking to correct them and he had SIX YEARS to do so, didn't even do it. He could have started with removing the economic restrictions and implementing stricter rules but he's chosen not to. 

Let's try to take a look at what "achievements" that PNoy Pride has left for the Philippines. It has created a generation of Filipinos or Pinoys who are PNoys instead of enlightened Pinoys or Filipinos. PNoy Pride's "achievements" included a legacy of legalized theft (such as super high taxes and the DAP/PDAF scams), MRT deterioration, the Yolanda operation fiasco, endorsing that joke of a candidate in Mar Roxas, unmanaged traffic under Joseph Emilio Pabaya, the deterioration of the NAIA, not doing something about the Tanim Bala scam which may have all been done in the name of "It's More Fun in the Philippines" slogan by David Guerrero. Those Noytards really have to answer whether or not those stuff were really good for the country or not. I guess as long as it's an Aquino, these Noytards are more than ready to say only the Aquinos are right and everybody else is wrong!  

Why are people still believing that the Aquinos are the best and that Noynoy is a hero? I'd blame Kris TV and ABiaS-CBN for that. ABiaS-CBN has been feeding Filipinos the wrong information for many years. They're told now that the Philippines is the "new miracle" of Asia ignoring all the problems of the nation such as that economic protectionism is still leaving more Filipinos less opportunity to work in their own land. Instead, it's causing more and more Filipinos the need to become OFWs causing them to be more and more distant from their families. But for those Noytards or Aquinotards, their sources of "truth" are only limited to the Aquinos and the ABiaS-CBN company. Everything else for them isn't the truth as long as it doesn't agree with the Aquinos.

Right now, the mission is to spread the word that the Philippines needs constitutional reforms and that Noynoy is not the best president ever. Many have been deceived into believing that but now some of the Philippines' new heroes namely the enlightened Filipinos are fighting for reforms for a better Philippines. As long as Noytardism spreads, it's going to be difficult to fight for constitutional reform. It's a fight that needs more than one person to do the job. It takes a lot of work and this information is going to be used aggressively to fight for a better Philippines.


  1. Great article. however, Nonoy Aquino is not a president or never became president of Filipinas instead a Senator.

  2. Even Cory Aquino has ZERO experience in politics! Kids are brainwashed by the Aquino mentality and from the beginning ABias-CBN does not only have awful repetitive shows but also poor and unprofessional journalism.


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