The Battle Against Legalized Theft In The Philippines Must Go On

Although the term of Noynoy Aquino has officially ended, one must consider the huge problem of legalized theft. The problem is that for several years it's always been safeguarding the ruling class. The whole administration of Noynoy has not punished any of his allies guilty of theft of public funds. In the whole process, they have committed acts of legalized theft. Why it should be called legalized theft is because they've made their acts of theft legal by their position and authority which should not be the case.

What acts of legalized theft were committed during the Noynoy Administration? The use of the pork barrel, Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the Yolanda operation fiasco, sheltering tax evaders who pay the Bureau of Internal Revenue money under the table, accepting bribes from criminals and overtaxing everyone in the Philippines with a high limit of 32% are just a few cases of legalized theft one could name. There's a lot of punishment that should be waiting for the legal thieves one way or another. 

One of the best ways to combat legalized theft is to do some simple prison reforms that would stop turning those jails into luxury condominiums. There should be no special treatment for politicians guilty of plunder. Why should the Filipino people allow those who stole money from the Philippines' treasury be allowed to enjoy luxurious cells? It's an injustice to every proper Filipino to be indirectly contributing to the comfort and luxury of those who use their power and influence to steal money that should have been used to improve the Philippines. Instead, it goes to their pockets for their own personal enjoyment. Let them really break rocks or do hard labor without pay. 

Have a strict lifestyle check for all authority figures. It's questionable on how Alan LM Purisima's having a huge estate when he's a policeman and not a big time entrepreneur. Lifestyle checks can help determine whether or not certain figures of authority are indeed guilty of legalized theft. Account checks and scrutiny should be done to help combat legalized theft. It's been a huge problem that authority figures are already using their power and influence to steal money from the Philippines' treasury aside from overtaxing the Filipino people. This also means investigating their sources. It's highly possible that a lot of these corrupt officials are also receiving money from Chinese crooks who are currently using the Philippines as their new headquarters. That way, criminals from other countries would also be discouraged from using the Philippines as one of their posts or their new headquarters.

If possible have those who have stolen billions of pesos executed to further discourage plunder. I really thought about it that maybe, Stinky and Mar may deserve to be executed for the Yolanda relief operation fiasco. Last 2007, China's action of executing its health minister Zheng Xiao You was proof of responsible leadership with former Chinese president Hu Jin Tao's war against corruption. I suggest that it's time to really punish all those involved without any favoritism. That way, the Philippines can become a better nation and more Filipinos will learn to be better citizens in the process.