Protect The Rights Of Law Abiding Citizens NOT The Rights Of Criminals

Do you remember how much I rant and b*tch about the Commission on Human Rights? As I love to say it, that STUPID organization has only created a generation of youth bound to the culture of impunity. What's worse is that there's also the Department of Justice with Injustice Secretary Leila Dilemma and former CHR chairperson Etta Rosales. Instead of focusing on how society has benefited from arresting and the death of dangerous criminals, they're too focused on the "due process" to make sure that the criminal's rights weren't violated. But did those idiots Rosales and Dilemma think of the welfare of the loved ones of the victims? Did they realize how many rights to life were violated by these criminals?

There's still much that the Philippines can learn from Singapore aside from economic policies. Lee Kwan Yew brought up a country from the pits of poverty by not only promoting healthy amounts of free trade moderated by reasonable restrictions, he also placed a real emphasis on discipline. It's always a point to bring up on how can Filipinos expect the country to progress if there's so many people who don't want to follow simple guidelines? Worse, they may have that mentality of "I'd rather kill myself if I have to follow rules." in their heads. All these contributions to a culture of impunity had ended up contributing to why crime isn't getting punished or dealt with. In exchange, it has also helped turn the Philippines into a haven for wealthy criminals both local and foreign.

It's once again time to bring up the issue of Filipino activist groups like Migraine International. They're always defending the rights of guilty Filipinos abroad who are about to be executed. They demand the drug syndicates to be punished but they demand the lives of those drug mules who "did not know" *sarcasm* that they were actually bringing drugs to be spared? I don't want to buy for a second or a split second or a nanosecond that the drug mules didn't know that they were bringing drugs. Worse, the Philippine government for the past several years has had been spending too much time trying to save the lives of guilty Filipinos abroad rather than ensure the peace and safety of the Philippines. 

The whole cover-up culture isn't bringing the Philippines to progress. Let's face it how can law abiding well to do Filipinos live safely in a country where crime and corruption are so easily pardoned and left unpunished all in the name of human rights? It's not the right to live safely, the right to peace and order that those idiots are defending. Instead, it's defending the right to commit wrong in the Philippines. Worse, a lot of wrong is done in the name of, "It's more fun in the Philippines." Let's face it aside from 60/40 restrictions that need to be removed, who really wants to do business in a place where crime is rampant and policemen are indifferent about the situation. Do you want to do business where you're always at the risk of hold ups and riots or do you want to do business in a place where law enforcement is done properly?

I guess it's really time that those who saluted current Justice Secretary Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. for his minor error by covering his ears during Miriam Defensor Santiago's over the board tirade may now consider him their new enemy. I would say not only because he had pointed out the possibility that Noynoy Aquino was also at fault for the SAF-44 and should be held liable or that he actually was at his best behavior (he may have learned his lesson after all) but also because he's working on prison reforms. He's revealed some stuff like how the Bilibid Prisons are now hotels for wealthy criminals, how many drugs are actually coming from inside there and all the badly needed reforms to enforce justice. Well I hope he doesn't carve in to the pressure or cover his ears. Instead, he should do what needs to be done in his current position. 

It's time to get serious and to get real against criminal activities. There should be no biased favoritism like the idiocy save criminal Filipinos abroad while demanding guilty foreigners in the Philippines to be punished. No more safeguarding the ruling class because that kind of mentality encourages Filipinos not to follow rules. No more special treatment for wealthy criminals. If possible, have the death penalty restored for major offenses. That's why Singapore has kept itself very safe and sound because it takes crime seriously. Forget about the B.S. called the Flor Contemplacion movie because that was a fabrication of the real events. Besides, if you want the right to commit crime by defending criminal rights then don't complain when you become a victim of crime yourself. That's one statement that should be said to those who continue to defend the rights of criminals over the victims.