It's More Than Time To Address The Issue Of Filipino Weeaboos

Failipino Pride (being proud of the prevailing idiocy among Filipinos at the expense of every good Filipino) itself is already a problem. Let's also address the problem of Filipino weeaboos. Okay I get it the whole Filipino/Japanese war is over, I agree Imperial Japan is dead and Modern Japan is all that stands. But there's one problem that's also holding Filipinos back from any real progress within themselves is the weeaboo culture.

I find it ironic how many Filipino weeaboos tend to complain about the problems of the Philippines which other Filipinos who want change also complain about. Filipino weeaboos are doing right and I highly commend them whenever they complain about the real garbage called Failipino TV especially with the idiocy of the network called ABiaS-CBN, how orderly Japan is because a lot of their people know how to follow simple guidelines, how stupid the feeling mature crowd is, how the Cinderella mentality is destroying a lot of Filipino women and how Japan has that really good practice ofhaving the badly needed culture of accountability compared to the Philippines but they may not be focusing on what's more important.

Instead, they still have that starstruck mindset in some way while condemning the local entertainment's stupidity. I guess a lot of them feel it's not okay to skip work if it's a local celebrity but would voluntarily do so if a Japanese actor is coming to town. I guess they'd spend PHP 170,000 just to listen to one song of any Japanese band then it's over... even if they can't afford it but you know I'm just exaggerating for laughs. I'm even thinking will they cry if a Japanese band's VIP tickets get sold out? It's no different than the One Direction line! In short, are they willing to spend all their money they need just to fulfill their weeaboo way of thinking? For that, I don't want to commend them when their obsession with Japanese entertainment and stuff comes in between the more important stuff of life.

Many Filipino weeaboos do practice a lot of traits that's common among the Filipinos who are proud of their stupid telebasuras and idiotic ultranationalism. If Filipinos who watch telebasuras are so blind as to accept their garbage as masterpieces without even giving a good reason, a weeaboo in general is that they tend to think all Japanese entertainment is good never mind Japan also homes some really awful video games and shows. As a casual fan of Tokusatsu and Anime, I'll admit that some shows from Japan can be a total wreck and I don't want to watch them for the same reason I don't watch telebasuras.

But for them, I guess they think as long as it's Japanese then it's good and newer Japanese shows are always better than the last. They may also tend to focus too much on what shows up on television than the real problems of the Philippines. While I do want to have Japanese entertainment on TV but that's not top priority compared to economic, social and political reforms. What's worse many of them are actually adults. They may be physically adults but they still think like children while hypocritically telling non-weeaboos to "grow up" all because the non-weeaboos tell them of the flaws of certain entries in Japanese entertainment. But look who needs to grow up. Come on, why argue like elementary school children?! I thought you hated the feeling mature crowd and the idiocy shown in telebasuras?

It's best to also mention some bad traits that Filipino weeaboos have in common with Failipino pridists. Some of these traits are having lack of decency in online communities, not bothering to read and understand the posts before they even comment on it, and trivializing Japanese entertainment over the more important things of the nation like legalized theft. Are you mad at the Bureau of Customs because your latest idol photobook didn't arrive on time or are you angry at it because they're keeping the Philippines from progress? It's a tragedy if a Japanese celebrity gets attacked but it's no different than the SAF-44.

While some of them may have actually given priority for the more important issues but others may have treated tragedy of Japanese celebrities as something more important.  Like who in the right mind as an adult would wish that a terrorist attack would strike at any Power Rangers related event or want to murder Power Rangers fans? My response to them is, "You think Japan is paradise? Why don't you live there? No one is stopping you! You have the right to leave the Philippines or to come back anytime! But you may get a shock your ideal place may not be as ideal as you thought it was so please reconsider your actions before you go there!"