Getting Rid Of PNoy Pride From Our Education System

It may be the exit of Noynoy Aquino just yesterday but there's still much work to do with the education system. What the Duterte Administration needs to work on is trying to get rid of PNoy Pride from the education system. When I think about why many Filipinos are growing up stupid then the root of the problem may also be in the educational system. Like what are schools teaching their children?! Childhood is an important foundation that must be molded. Anything wrong taught to children can affect them that much when they grow up.

One of the many reasons why so many Filipino children may grow up stupid is because they're being taught PNoy Pride all their lives. They're most likely taught that if it's an Aquino then they're fit for office and that if anyone opposes the ideals of the Liberal Party or its the candidates then they're the enemy of the Philippines and anti-Filipino. They may be taught about how the Aquinos supposedly brought the golden age to the Philippines, to make everyone still ride on the EDSA Revolution instead of focusing on fixing the current problems of the Philippines, they're taught that nothing needs to be fixed from the 1987 Constitution and that it's okay, the Philippines is doing great and whatever lies can be taught to our children for some time and whatever lies were taught to adults today when they were children who grew up after the martial law years.

Teaching children that nothing's wrong with the 1987 Constitution is a huge problem. I guess children are still being taught the idea of, "Our constitution is not a stumbling block." Then they grow up wondering why the Philippines doesn't have so many job opportunities. But there's a back-up plan that they're already being taught that OFWs are the new heroes of the country, that if they're OFWs then they're automatically new heroes never mind that some OFWs aren't heroes. They're also taught the whole idea that only foreigners get rich from allowing Foreign Direct Investment then the more they're taught to oppose any Filipino who's fighting for constitutional reforms.

What needs to be done right here, right now is to really teach children the whole problem of the sad legacy of PNoy Pride. They should be told of everything bad that happened. Stuff like that Mar is no superhero as he's depicted in the comic book, that the NAIA got worse during Noynoy's term, the abuses of the various government offices during the Noynoy Administration, the deterioration of the MRT under Joseph Pabaya's watch, the missing Yolanda funds and financial scandals with proof of what happened should start undoing PNoy Pride. While this doesnt' mean discrediting the successes of Noynoy (if there was ever) but to make a fair and unbiased teaching of Philippine history for the years to come.