Don't Let The MRT Issue Slip: Punish All Those Who Caused It To Deteriorate!

Do you remember the canceled would have been national blockbuster called Sagasa 2016? Both Noynoy Aquino and Joseph Pabaya made that promise if the expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor wasn't completed by 2016 that they'd allow themselves be run over by a train. January 1, 2016 of the solar calendar came and they are still alive. Then we had them both still alive after January 1, 2016 and on February 7, 2016 which was January 1, 2016 according to the Chinese calendar. Did those two even put in their heads that they were in the Philippines and not in China? But neither New Year nor Chinese New Year offered Filipinos the opportunity to see both morons get run over paying for all the lives that have been lost no thanks to MRT disasters. I mean, enough is enough! How many broken promises have they made to Filipinos anyway to end the old system and bring in the new?

The problem of the MRT deterioration has not only increased traffic to unbelievable levels but it's also put many passengers' lives and other people's lives at risk. I don't care if the passengers are Filipinos or foreigners because they're all important. Just think how much damage those damaged MRT trains have caused towards people? It's not a laughing matter and don't even believe the lie that heavy traffic is a sign of progress. No, it's not a sign of progress and if you believe it then you really need to have a drug test because you might be under the influence of narcotics or a psychiatric evaluation because such an idea is stupid. Like come on, why didn't they even bother to upgrade the whole system with reliable trains and not just the ticketing system? Sure, new ticketing systems are convenient but that's not the only point! Or are they trying to replace the MRT with obsolete trains? Like there's NOTHING wrong with some old school but come on, you still need to adjust to technological advances every now and then!

Just because the Noynoy Administration has come to an end doesn't mean that Noynoy and Pabaya should be allowed to get away with their crimes against the Filipino people. This also includes any foreigners that were affected by their neglect while they were in the Philippines. Pabaya's lack of concern for his fellow Filipinos by telling them traffic isn't fatal and how he handled the MRT is really a national issue and a crime. All those involved must answer for all their years of neglect. It's not a laughing issue and it must be addressed to discourage any more neglect of public welfare in the future. Besides, if they were all allowed to get away when where is justice then?


  1. As a regular rider of MRT from GMA to Ayala and back, I do want to not let these bozos get off scott free from their neglect and mismanagement of a functioning mass transit system.

    From experience of hearing Trains brakes cracking, doors failing, air conditioning not working, not enough trains during rush hour and I even once experience the brakes automatically slam on between Cubao and Ortigas at 60 Kph. Thank God the only incident is the Taft shunt incident ... in public view.

    It is also not just the trains that have problems:
    - The ticketing system was working though it was awkward and had bad detection.
    - The toilet facilities were replaced with new fixtures but no running water!
    - Escalators often broke down and sometimes not function for days or weeks or even months.
    - Elevators are still out of order. I even meet some poor fellow in a wheelchair that cant even get down because obviously.

    As a commuter, I put up with the neglect and mismanagement but I will wish that whoever is in charge of our public utilities and services to do what they are supposed to and not benefit themselves only to the neglect of the public.

    All I can say to the Aquino Administration: "You had one job! Why did you screw this up?!"

    (Angry rant over)


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