Be Informed: Heavy Traffic Is Not A Sign Of Progress, It Can Be Disastrous!

It's time to start with some of them to address the two truths about traffic. One is that traffic is NOT a sign of progress. The other is to readdress Joseph Pabaya who should be put to jail for his crimes against the Filipino people. 

Traffic is NOT a sign of progress

It's amazing how some Filipinos bought in to the lie that heavy traffic is a sign of progress. With the current raid that PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa and Chief Justice Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. found several unsolved anomalies in the Bilibid Prison. So an estimate that 70% (or even higher) of shabu was produced in Bilibid came out. To those who keep saying, "Don't worry, traffic is a sign of progress." to their fellow Filipinos who are FED UP with traffic need to be questioned, "So you say that heavy traffic is a sign of progress? Tell me then did you spend all your time sniffing on Shabu from the Bilibid Prison?" Maybe they were sniffing on shabu but even without shabu a lot of Filipinos foolishly believed Noynoy Aquino's statements. If they were sniffing on shabu, that may explain why a lot of people believed that traffic is a sign of progress.

Heavy traffic is a sign of huge mismanagement not a sign of progress. While traffic can be heavy when businesses are doing well but good management can ease the traffic. The problem that every decent Filipino faces with heavy traffic has several factors contributing to it. Like it or not, it's a pain when every law abiding Filipino has to endure the problem of Filipinos who don't follow simple traffic rules. Let's face it some Filipinos who fight for change in their very own small way follow simple guidelines but there are a lot of Filipinos who don't follow simple guidelines. Worse, without swift and appropriate punishments how can the country progress? If the Senate can't even directly handle Atty. Aguirre Jr.s' minor offense by having him admonished the next day, I don't expect law enforcers to do their job as it should be done.

It can also lead to derailing progress. Every second counts in business. Businesses need their supplies to do business. Transportation is needed to bring in these supplies. If traffic gets so heavy then think of how much businesses are affected by it. A lot of production and purchases are affected in the process. If its delivery of perishable items and there's the huge sign "DO NOT DELAY" then the perishable items may perish in the traffic.

Those who think that traffic is a sign of progress may need to undergo drug testing. They may have been high on shabu or any narcotic when they bought that lie. They also need psychiatric tests to affirm their sanity level. Then it's time to rehabilitate and re-educate them.

Yes, traffic can be fatal!

During the previous administration, it's really stupid how Pabaya dared to say traffic isn't fatal. Let me ask you, do you think traffic is not fatal? Let me ask you this question. Let's say you get injured and you had to be brought to the hospital as soon as possible. But as the ambulance tries to get you to the hospital as soon as possible, it's hit by heavy traffic. The ambulance has so little equipment for such a severely injured person. As a result, the person may end up dead on arrival.

Moving away from the ambulance scenario, people can also die during the heat of traffic. Not everyone uses airconditioned cars. Some people are riding public transportation. Let's say that the weather is really that hot. What if the person only has a slight fever and decided to do some less stressful work like reporting for duty or running one's business. Instead of being able to do one's work and take it easy, it ends up aggravating the fever of the person. It might end up going from slight fever to heavy fever in the process. The person could also die as a result. Still not fatal?

If anybody thinks traffic is not fatal then take a look at all the road accidents that keep happening because of unmanaged traffic. A reckless driver can cause serious property damage or even injure or kill anyone in the process. Disobedient pedestrians who don't follow rules can get run over by vehicles. Just think... is it REALLY not fatal as they claim? 

With these two facts in mind, Pabaya really needs to answer for all his mismanagement of traffic during his six years as the DOTC Secretary. It has made life miserable for every decent Filipino. Filipinos who are voicing out against Pabaya's mismanagement are worth commending.