The Culture Of "I'd Rather Commit Suicide If I Have To Follow A Disciplinary Government" Causes A Severe Lack Of Progress In The Philippines

After hearing a few of the reforms that incoming President Duterte wants for the Philippines, I can't help but facedesk at some comments made by Yellow propagandist Raissa Robles. Rules like giving minors their curfews at 10 P.M. are not meant to be repressive. Yet Robles herself wants people to believe it's "martial law". After all, isn't she somebody who can't even follow simple guidelines for journalism?

What's worse before Robles even started her B.S. one way or another, there are already people who really have that mentality of I'd rather commit suicide if I have to follow all those rules for discipline. That kind of mentality causes a severe lack of progress. Did you know that the problem of not following simple guidelines is NOT contributing to progress whatsoever? Guidelines are made to keep the place in order. Like you must follow step one to step two to step three to do things in order. While certain rules need to be fixed but you can't do without rules. If there were no rules then you have no right to complain about anything bad that happens to you.

There are certain penalties for not following rules. There's nothing unreasonable with making people pay a certain fine for offenses like parking in no parking areas, throwing your garbage anywhere, making a reckless turn on the road, going beyond the speed limit, drunk driving and smoking in no smoking areas and showing up late for work. It's not like as if they're going to be sentenced to imprisonment or death. There's nothing draconian about giving certain penalties for civil offenses. By implementing certain fines for certain civil offenses people will learn to follow guidelines without having to implement a totalitarian regime. Unfortunately, there may be a huge number of Filipinos who have that mentality that they'd rather commit suicide than follow all those rules for discipline.

If people would rather foolishly commit suicide than follow the rules for discipline then it means they'll do anything to protect their culture of impunity. I guess those who don't decide to commit suicide on the spot might glorify those who died as "martyrs for democracy". Then again, how long has it been since many Filipinos have that idiotic culture of declaring heroes out of Filipinos who were executed for committing crimes abroad? Whether it was Flor Contemplacion's execution for murder or the three drug mules or maybe just every Filipino executed for committing crimes abroad, they've all been canonized by Filipino activist groups. I really assume that they hate to follow laws because they're making heroes out of people who were rightfully punished for doing wrong.

Having that mentality of I'd rather commit suicide than follow rules means you'd rather end your life than accept a change of attitude towards the rules set for discipline. Having a change of attitude towards rules for discipline is always the better alternative than committing suicide. Is it me or do many Filipinos just simply think they'll be "heroes" if they do commit suicide because of incoming President Duterte's reforms like the curfew for minors? What if those who would consider committing suicide are wayward youths? It would be a precious waste of one's own life then for such youths to commit suicide rather than choose to conform for rules which were set for their own good. Sooner or later if they don't commit suicide then time will or may come that they'll die as as a result of their own actions