How Can Filipinos Improve If Irresponsible Journalism Has No Appropriate Consequences And Penalties Against It?

After hearing Rodrigo Duterte make a point against irresponsible journalists, I felt like that it's about time somebody really got so vocal about it. While there's the freedom of speech and expression but like every freedom, there's restriction. Free trade countries may allow you 100% ownership as a foreign investor BUT you are still set to follow their local rules or you're out. The same goes with journalism. While there's the freedom to express one's views on the matter but sensationalizing just about anything or violation of other people's privacy is against the proper ethics of journalism.

Whether most Filipinos like it or not the truth is ABiaS-CBN is creating a culture of dysfunction in the Philippines. Irresponsible reporters like Korina Sanchez Roxas (who fortunately didn't become the first lady) and Raissa Robles (or Raissa Rubbles) really feed the monster called the culture of dysfunctional behavior among Filipinos. Even just a few days, Raisa herself starts to call Duterte's call for reforms as "martial law". What martial law? Is it unreasonable to make sure minors are home with their parents or guardian by 10 P.M.? Is it unreasonable to go against partying all night at the expense of neighbors' sleep? All those rules are pretty reasonable unless you hate following guidelines.

Irresponsible journalism is also a result of not following simple guidelines. Since when was it appropriate to pester people's private lives or bother the flow of justice? Did you remember the Rolando Mendoza incident? The situation was also botched by STUPID JOURNALISTS who can't follow simple guidelines. I guess Raissa herself is saying "it's already martial law" because she's a journalist who refuses to follow even simple guidelines. The reporters should have known better than to intrude. Because they did, Mendoza who had access to a television set inside the bus knew about what's going on leading to the disaster that could have avoided.

Since when was ABiaS-CBN really that strict about journalism ethics? Korina's tactless comments usually go unpunished. The news is usually filled with sensationalism just so they could gain ratings like how they sensationalized something that happened in Pangasinan or how they keep saying there was an aswang involved just to gain more ratings. Worse, many Filipinos just love the culture of anti-intellectualism. They'd rather buy anything that pleases them or makes them feel good than the hurtful truth. They just want to please their whiny selves with whatever pleases them than seeking to know about what's really happening. 

How has irresponsible journalism affected Filipinos? They have become ignorant about what they need to know. All because of irresponsible journalism maybe many Filipinos still think that Heneral Lunatic's ideology is better than free trade. Many Filipinos are left to be backwards thinkers because they really lack knowledge in basic economics. Many Filipinos are even unaware of the pitfalls of of the sad legacy of PNoy Pride. They were fooled by the growth rate phenomenon without being aware that growth rate doesn't necessarily mean we're doing good or that the Philippines doesn't need economic liberalism  in order to progress. Instead, they're still stuck in whatever stupid ideas that Daang Matuwid has to offer. Worse, Filipinos are either indifferent or just love the plague of irresponsible journalism because it protects their whiny egos. 

There should be rules and penalties against irresponsible journalism. From paying hefty fines to serving prison time with our without bail depending on the gravity of the offense. These rules must also be strictly enforced according to offense. If the offense just deserves a hefty fine then it should not go beyond that. If the offense deserves prison time with or without bail depending on the offense, then prison time must be served as well. Then maybe in some extreme cases, certain irresponsible journalists deserve the death penalty if they were involved in attempting a frame-up against innocent people who could have either spent life behind bars or get executed for a crime they didn't commit. These kinds of penalties should cut down irresponsible journalism considerably.