Enough Is Enough: NO MORE Safeguarding The Ruling Class!

Here's a funny Photoshop I've found and maybe you can identify a few of the faces used on the bodies of prisoners to be Antonio Trillanes IV, Nobita C. Aquino, Manuel A. Roxas Jr., Jejomar Bitay, Andres Bautista, Alberto Looney, Jose "Devil" Conrado and Joseph Emilio Pabaya are the dancing inmates. Two problems that will be addressed in this post are the Padrino System and the crony system. Enough is enough with safeguarding the ruling class!

The whole legacy of PNoy Pride has been a bad joke. Just think of what he has "accomplished". He has failed to dismiss people who failed to do what they had to do. Pabaya should've been fired for mishandling the MRT systems. Conrado should've been fired for irresponsible handling of the NAIA which may soon kill tourism faster than you think. Stinky Soliman should have been fired for her irresponsible handling of relief goods. Butcher Abad's DAP program was a huge unethical use of public funds. Appointing Etta Rosales as the chairperson of the Commission of Human Rights only caused a widespread epidemic of impunity

It's time to stop legalizing theft and punishing those who commit legalized theft. Theft should be illegal and anybody who legalizes it should get their just desserts. It's time to really start giving a real fight against corruption. It should't be like how PNoy Pridists have it where they just focus on President Nobita's enemies and not a real fight against corruption. A real fight against corruption punishes offenders regardless who they are. Besides, President Nobita does deserve a second term... IN JAIL!