Don't Be "Pro-Poor", Have The Desire That Filipinos Will Have More Opportunities NOT To Remain Poor

Dick Gordon had not only blasted David Guerrero's tagline but he has also said one statement that I believe we need to adhere to. There's always that stupidity of "blessed are the poor" mentality which continues the same system of stupidity. There should be more opportunities to get out of poverty. While not everyone can be rich like the big time businessmen but there should be more opportunities provided for Filipinos to at least get out of poverty. While not being rich is not for everyone but certainly, it's still best to make both ends meet. Have enough food, shelter, a job and all basic needs met.

The problem of poverty is that it encourages crime. People who are so hit towards the poverty level or below poverty are very easy to exploit. While not all poor people volunteer to be exploited but many of them tend to take the easy way out. Sleazy businessmen whether they be Filipinos or foreign can easily exploit these guys with the promise of instant wealth. Greedy politicians can also use them for their show business mentality. That's why they always keep telling people "blessed are the poor" especially the Commission of Human Rights defends the squatters' right to squat.

While I'm not encouraging a welfare state, it's your responsibility to get out of poverty but while the government is NOT responsible for fixing your life in every aspect but it's still responsible for providing opportunities for people to get out of poverty. How can Filipinos have opportunities to get out of miserable poverty for a life where you can meet your needs, have a roof to sleep in, live in a safe place and have clean food and water if there's always a lack of foreign direct investment? No, the government CANNOT provide jobs for everyone but they can certainly affect job opportunities.

You want more jobs then it's really time to support economic liberalization with reasonable restrictions. Allow higher ownership for foreigners while making them comply to taxes, permits and policies (ex. complying to peace and order, proper waste disposal and the like, that their businesses must employ the locals and treat locals right). Do you know why South Korea prevails over North Korea? It's because North Korea practices the stupidity of ultranationalistic policies while South Korea practices economic liberalization with reasonable restrictions.

All I can say is I dare those followers of Heneral Lunatic (perhaps collectively known as a people who use Antonio Luna to push their ultranationalist campaigns) to do these with actual data and not with their publications:
  • Prove that Communist China under Mao Zedong's lousy economic policies did better than when Deng Xiaoping started accepting foreign investments into Communist China.
  • Prove that North Korea's ultranationalistic policies work better than South Korea's free trade with reasonable restrictions.
  • Prove that economic liberalization not overspending of funds and other factors caused the decline of the United States. 
  • Prove that first world countries got industrialized not by foreign investments but by protectionism and self-industrialization. They can start by "proving" that Lee Kwan Yew made Singapore prosperous with 60/40 or something like that. 
  • Prove that the "growth rate" of the Philippines has made it a country better than Singapore, Taiwan, Japan or Malaysia.
  • Prove their theory to be right by self-industrializing an uncharted island on their own with no foreign help.
  • If they are so "nationalistic" then they should not use stuff made from foreign influence. Neri Colmenares should have done a tribal dance instead for his campaign.


  1. Because "pro-poor" doesn't mean something which will uplift the poor from their mediocre conditions; rather, it is something which is meant to keep the poor in their mediocre conditions because poor people can be easily controlled and fooled. (Which is exactly what the oligarchs and commietards like Colmenares wants)


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