Six Reasons Why PNoy Pride Would Not Help The Philippines

As the administration of President Nobita Aquino is about to end, it's really time to review six reasons why PNoy Pride didn't help and wouldn't help the Philippines. Just because President Nobita is about to step down doesn't mean that the pathetic legacy of PNoy Pride is over. Now for six good reasons why PNoy Pride isn't helping the Philippines.

Reason # 1- A culture of vindictiveness disguised as "a fight against corruption"

If you're going to fight corruption, you're not going to just focus on your enemies. While there are certainly enemies of President Nobita that are indeed responsible for something they should answer for but President Nobita is also safeguarding his allies. Cronyism is cronyism no matter how you put it. After the EDSA Revolution the same problems still persisted namely economic protectionism, cronyism and government corruption only under different names. While there's some anomalies during the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo administration but blaming her day in and day out is misusing justice.

Reason # 2 - A lack of training for those in charge of protection

The Rolando Mendoza Crisis was really what is best called as a huge mishap with an idiot who refused to apologize for the mishap. While it's true that he had NOTHING to do with the hostage crisis but one can't deny that a mishap is a mishap. Also, with the Philippine law enforcement and not to mention military being ill-equipped, how can the country defend itself in the future?

Reason # 3 - MRT Deterioration and constant traffic 

DOTC Secretary Joseph Pabaya is really out of his mind from saying stuff like traffic isn't anything big. That guy really hasn't considered that the MRT deterioration causes a lot of disrupt of the flow of the labor force. Traffic can disrupt not only workforce but also work processes like transportation of materials from one location to another. Has this guy considered traffic can kill the economy?

Reason # 4- Failed relief operations and faulty customs gone unpunished

If you look at developed countries, authority figures will resign over something like rotten relief goods or terminate those who don't do their job properly. In the Philippines, I guess this goes all the way from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Bureau of Customs (BOC). It's just a matter of time before both government institutions might be the reason why the Philippines (and neighboring countries) may end up in the status of "goodbye and good riddance". 

Reason # 5 - The prevalence of legalized theft

With the Nobita Administration, Butch Abad's programs such as the Disbursement Acceleration Program has become nothing more than moving stolen funds. It's really something how the Philippines is full of legalized theft. The public funds that should be used to develop infrastructure and public services ends up in the pocket of public officials for their personal use. 

Reason # 6 - More joke candidates who don't know BASIC economics

One may go ahead and say Mar Roxas is more qualified than so and so but being "more qualified" is no excuse for incompetence. Do you remember the incident concerning Tacloban's relief? Do you remember what Roxas assumed about federalism? He even thinks that the Philippines doesn't need to uplift economic protectionism never mind not only are services sucky due to a lack of competition, do you want more Filipinos to still keep going abroad because they can't find jobs in the Philippines?