Refuting Top Seven Protectionist Lies Against Free Trade

Here's a stupid picture made by some stupid person who's really ignorant about economics and/or an extreme ultranationalist like that idiot I dub as "Heneral Lunatic". It's time to take a look at the likes of protectionists have against free trade. This doesn't take a genius to understand that Heneral Lunatic's idiotology is outdated, stupid and protects the interest of local exploiters. Now let's take a look at the lies one by one.

Lie # 1- Protectionism is based, free trade is for cowards

This is one huge lie. Why do you think people demand protectionism if not they HATE competition? If you had to face competition you had to make your services better, right? But if you had protection as a local business then you can go ahead and provide trashy services all you want especially if you're in a monopoly. Who's the real coward now? A real businessman isn't afraid of competition in contrast to those who beg for protection from competition.

Lie # 2- Protectionism promotes national independence, free trade promotes foreign dependence

For the nth time when will those idiots understand that foreign investors are NOT foreign invaders? Just because you have all the foreign investors doesn't necessarily mean that the county is reliant abroad. In contrast, the foreign investors are reliant on wherever they go for permits, for manpower and locally sourced resources. If you take a look at countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and China they have a lot of foreign investors but they still have their independence intact. Besides, isn't it that when you have overseas workers that's still foreign dependence?

Lie # 3- Protectionism promotes economic growth, free trade deindustrializes you into shitter services and resource based economy

If protectionism is so good then could they explain why the Philippines with so many bad services that are priced so high? The whole idea of using growth rate has been a deceptive campaign of "Daang Matuwid". A country with a lower growth rate may be performing better than a country with a higher growth rate. If free trade only promotes deindustrialization and shittier services then they better not enjoy foreign made stuff. Besides, don't tell me their equipment they use in making their stupid propaganda known where not made by foreigners?

Like # 4- Protectionism is used by every rich country and only shitholes are told to do free trade

This is another OBVIOUS LIE if you take a look at China before and now. Under Mao's economic protectionist regime, China really became a dump. But under Deng's economic free trade, China became a richer country. Another example is North Korea's protectionist state is poor while South Korea's free trade state is rich. If a free trade state is going poor it's because of other reasons like overspending or non-regulated free trade, not because of free trade itself. Free trade usually provides more profits for a country than protectionism ever will.

Lie # 5- Protectionism lets you dominate other countries, free trade lets other countries dominate you

As mentioned earlier, foreign investors are NOT foreign invaders. I guess this is really all about xenophobia and the ugly disease of ultranationalism. Dominate other countries? Only a real moron would believe in the lie that the OFW phenomenon means that the Philippines is dominating and/or invading other countries. If that were true then they better explain why other countries refuse to bow down to the Philippine government when it asks for pardon for Filipinos who deserve to get their death sentence. They should also ask Edz Ello whether or not he really "invaded" Singapore because for sure he didn't. Besides, free trade has the country dominate other countries because where you do business, follow the rules of that country.

Lie # 6 - Protectionism provides jobs, free trade provides jobs to foreigners

Let me ask them if protectionism provides jobs then why do protectionist states have a high unemployment index and their people have to leave their countries seeking other jobs? This is really the stupid idiotology that Migrante International refuses to wake up from. In contrast, try to take a look at how free trade countries are. They are providing jobs for the local people and not for foreigners. It's a rule for free trade that if you're going to invest in our country it's in order to give jobs to the locals.

Lie # 7 - Protectionism provides trade surplus, free trade provides trade deficit

If this is true then why don't protectionist states have any real trade surplus? Why does North Korea have lower trade surplus than South Korea? Most of my Korean stuff are manufactured in South Korea, none from North Korea. When there's free trade then it offers not only jobs for locals but also it turns the supply/demand wheel for the better. Local manufacturers can benefit from foreign companies that can supply them with better materials and equipment. Foreign manufacturers can benefit from local companies that can provide them with locally sourced materials. If there's a shortage of supply in the protectionist state, how can there be a trade surplus?


  1. Been a follower for a long time since you posted in GRP.
    Nice work BTW.
    As a person who read/studied Economics, that picture is really smack to a brick wall worthy logic.

    The protectionism vs free trade can't be PINNED to one simple concise explanation. This picture just tries to be one side and install fear/propaganda to any clueless reader about it.

    If protectionism is a whole lot better then why do we depend on OFW remittances, imports of even basic goods and still cant even provide basic and decent services then?


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