PNoy Pridists Are Blind About The Fact That There's Really Need For More Economic Reforms!

Even if Mar Roxas is obviously just another joke candidate who has sold whatever knew in the past for the stupidity of the Liberal Party as of present. They're already repeating the same old gags like necropolitics which is done with Leni Robredo. Now they have a real joke candidate with Roxas who's really clueless as of present, a credit grabber and you may even consider he served several years in Congress and Senate and NEVER passed any real effective laws. He could have just decided to pass laws for economic liberalization but he flip-flopped saying that 60/40 isn't a hindrance.

The problem of PNoy Pridists are that they're a bunch of losers, crybabies, some of them act tough as they can or do whatever they do to promote the same agenda of "Daang Matuwid". If they think all the mismanagement done by the President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino Administration are all part of progress - think again. President Nobita had every chance to start real economic reforms like he had from 2010 up to now to actually open up the economy to foreign investors. Instead, the same stupid 60/40 principle remains and PNoy Pridists are just fine with EVERYTHING that is done more or less the same way President Nobita does his job.

Evaluating the economic policies of the Nobita Administration shows how the whole "Daang Matuwid" is leading towards oblivion. Many people were fooled by the growth rate phenomenon of President Nobita. Just because you're having a high growth rate doesn't guarantee your performance is okay. Where's the real numbers? Just because there are improvements in the Philippine economy or that its current growth rate exceeds others doesn't mean it's doing better. A growth rate is only a percentage of increase. Let's take two Pinoy businessmen for example. Pinoy Businessman A's growth rate from 2014-2015 was 10% while Pinoy Businessman's growth rate was 20%. The records then show that Pinoy Businessman A actually has billions of pesos in profits while Pinoy Businessman B may have a higher growth rate but he's crushed in debts and losses. Who's the better businessman now based on actual facts? ABiaS-CBN is so biased that they really just present numbers in favor of the Aquinos and Cojuangcos instead of the real facts and figures, right?

If the Philippine income was really that good, why are there still plenty of Filipinos forced to fly to other countries? Some Filipinos even admit they wanted to stay in Libya in spite of the war zone problems because the Philippines has less job opportunities. It doesn't take a genius to realize that OFW reliance isn't as effective as opening up the economy or the sad reality economic protectionism the PhilippinesMORE DEPENDENT on foreign governments than independent from them. If they want more foreign investors, it's never enough to just say, "It's More Fun in the Philippines." if you're just going to limit their ownership to 40%. Instead, why can't they try to give flexible ownership from 50% and above. China may not always allow 100% ownership but at least you can choose to have 50% and above giving a fairer share for foreign investors.

Lastly, the Philippines has a 32% tax rate for an income of PHP 500,000 but how is the income applied? It becomes more and more tempting to do tax evasion not only because the tax rate punishes achievement while it also rewards laziness but also because the taxes end up in a cycle of legalized theft. Aside from 60/40, the 32% tax rate further discourages foreign investors from ever investing in the Philippines. What's worse is that while the Philippines has a high income tax but the government doesn't use it for development of public areas like roads, bridges, transportation and drainage. If the government is collecting high taxes then it should give proper services. They should really put it to good use but instead in an act of legalized theft they just use it for their personal benefit. I wonder are the PNoy Pridists a group of masochists too?