It's More Than Time To Stop Saying, "But Filipinos Aren't Wired That Way With Economics!"

It's really irritating to keep hearing, "But Filipinos aren't wired that way." Now people have their expertise but it doesn't mean they can't learn something at a certain level. Stuff like martial arts, music, languages and mathematics aren't meant to be specialized by everyone but they can be learned up to a certain extent. A person may not be always qualified for what you call "math intensive courses" such as engineering but anybody with practice can pass the basics of middle school and high school mathematics if they work hard at it. The same goes for knowing economics. Even if not all of them can be experts in economics but they can certainly be educated in its basic principles.

The prevailing problem of many Filipinos is that they tend to say that they aren't wired that way with economics. Many of them prefer to enjoy their blunder and choose the easy way out rather than learn the basics of economics. It's just like exempting students bad in Math from studying Math without realizing the consequences. Do you know that studying a subject you're not good at actually helps the brain become more flexible? When it comes to many Filipinos, many of them actually love the prevailing culture of anti-intellectualism. They'd rather focus on the latest trends, celebrity news and the like than focus on doing what they can to improve the country's welfare. Others may also still be stuck in their stupid view of economics which further leads to backwards thinking.

Is it difficult to understand principles like supply and demand? While it takes concrete solutions to solve certain problems of supply and demand requiring an economist to do so but understanding the principles doesn't take a degree in economics. Even basic economics introduces the fact that when supply is up and demand is high then prices go down, that surplus leads to cheaper prices and that to meet demand there is the need for supply. It doesn't take a genius to understand that foreign investors are not foreign invaders. Basic economics would even prove Heneral Antonio Lunatic wrong with his idea of self-industrialization as the first world country's means of progress. If Filipinos can be educated in basic economic principles over Lunatic's idiotology then they're certainly to support economic liberalism.

It becomes a problem also with people who keep saying they love the Philippines but they're indifferent about the situation that leads the country to backward thinking. Worse, many people tend to love to use the phrase, "But this is a democracy...." to either let a prevailing blunder spread like a plague or to enjoy their blunder as individual persons. If you love your country then you'd want to see it improve. But again, aren't many Filipinos saying, "Eh sino ka? Hero?" to justify their blunder? If you love your country then you really need to stop with the statement, "But Filipinos aren't wired that way with economics." Isn't that mentality leading more Filipinos to poverty, unemployment and exploitation?