Five Good Reasons Why Mar Roxas Will Become The Best President For The Philippines!

There's no doubt that Mar Roxas is indeed the best presidential candidate for the Philippines and why he should get your votes. Here's why you should vote for Mar Roxas!

1.) He can become anything you want anytime

Forget about Transformers! Welcome Transformar! Who doesn't want a president who can become anything you want? Just imagine that you have a problem then he will go there and become the aid you need. Have a problem deciding a bill? Mar will become Boy Senator or Boy Congressman. Have a problem with your city or jurisdiction? Mar will become Boy Mayor or Boy Councilor. He will be available anytime anywhere. In short, the Mar Roxas Presidency will usher in a welfare state. You don't need to work because Roxas will do all the work.

2.) He will give you instant remedy for catastrophic incidents

Don't forget that according to the comic book "Sa Gitna Ng Unos" reveals how much of a superhero he was. Tacloban had speedy remedy all thanks to Mar Roxas. The people in Tacloban have Mar as their number one candidate. They couldn't forget how much of a hero he was during Typhoon Yolanda. All the people of Leyte owe their lives to superhero Mar Roxas.

3.) There's no need for more foreign direct investment because Daang Matuwid brought us to a bright future

Forget about the ideas that first world countries succeeded by foreign investments. No, as you see countries like China, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea succeeded with the idea of self-industrialization that is they protected the local businesses and implemented a true land reform. The growth rate is enough to tell you that the Philippines will soon be the best economy thanks to Daang Matuwid. The Philippines can become a first world country with Daang Matuwid.

4.) The government agencies have greatly improved under President Noynoy Aquino and Roxas will keep their performances

Ever since President Noynoy became the president we've had a great performance. We had Etta Rosales for the Commision of Human Rights and she's done a great job defending your rights. Corazon "Dinky" Soliman gave fresh relief goods to Yolanda victims. The Department of Health gave a very good de-worming program. Joseph Abaya has been a very good Deparment of Transportation and Communications Secretary and he says traffic isn't disastrous in which you can trust him on that. You have David Guerrero who magically solved a lot of problems in the Philippines by simply saying, "It's More Fun in the Philippines". Under Mar, all those reforms by the Noynoy Adminsitration will continue.

5.) Korina Sanchez will be the first lady

Don't you want to have ABS-CBN reporter Korina Sanchez to be the first lady? ABS-CBN has been number one in responsible journalism. When you're watching ABS-CBN everything they tell you is true. Forget about CNN, BBC because only ABS-CBN will tell you the truth. With her as the first lady you can guarantee responsible journalism will be upheld.