To President Nobita And Joseph Pabaya: Please Remember Chinese New Year Is Fast Approaching!

Well Chinese New Year is approaching and while 2016 has entered based on the Gregorian Calendar, it hasn't entered yet based on the Lunar Calendar. This year's Chinese New Year enters on February 8, 2016 and this picture does have some humor. January 1, 2016 could have been the entry of that would've been national blockbuster called Sagasa 2016. Instead, it became a disappointment for some people that President Nobita didn't keep his word at all but wait, there's still Chinese New Year right? 

President Nobita is of Chinese heritage so I guess when he made his promise in this video, I wonder if he meant December 31, 2015 in the Chinese calendar as if he's the president of either The People's Republic of China or Republic of China known as Taiwan. I just wonder will President Nobita allow himself to be run over by a train on Chinese New Year's Eve on February 7, 2016 because that would be December 31, 2016 in the Chinese calendar? 

I guess if that should really happen, we should really prepare a lot of Chinese delicacies to be given to all who'll attend it. There's going to be free Chinese food like tikoy, spring rolls, Chinese style ampao (and yes, he's an ampao president) for all who'll attend his and Pabaya's run over by a train event. Then again, what if Sagasa 2016 will never happen this Chinese New Year?


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