The Stupidity Of Ultranationalist Filipinos Who Blame Foreigners For Everything Wrong In The Philippines

It's really stupid and annoying to have people blame foreigners for everything wrong in the Philippines. Those ultranationalist Filipino activists really make me do a million facedesks listening to their ridiculous claims. The more I think about their blaming of the elite (as if their actions do not benefit the oligarchs) and then foreigners, the more I think do these guys even realize they are doing this nation a huge disservice? But first, let's focus on foreigners shall we?

When it comes to them blaming foreigners, I really want to tell them that they should stop acting like they don't use anything foreign either or both in concept and production. During the time Senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares spoke against foreign investment wasn't he using a microphone and didn't he use modern equipment that was obviously NOT made in the Philippines or Filipino in origin? What is foreign is not necessarily good or bad for the Philippines. The same goes for what is Filipino made is not necessarily good or bad for the Philippines. Garbage in the Philippines is no different from garbage from Canada as both are bad for the Philippines. Quality Filipino-made products and quality imported products are both good for the Philippines.

Filipino workers and natural resources can be exploited by BOTH foreign investors and local investors. Whenever I hear them say that they don't want foreign investors because they'll be exploited or our resources will be exploited, I wonder if they even realize that local investors can exploit their own countrymen and natural resources too. I wonder if these ultranationalists think that it's better to work for a local investor who'll exploit you over a foreign investor who won't or that it's okay to exploited as long as it's by a local investor. Maybe they even think that exploiting natural resources is evil if it's a foreigner doing it but it's okay if it's a Filipino who's doing it. Exploitation of workers and natural resources is wrong regardless who does it. When it comes to those offenses, it's not about one's status as a local investor or a foreign investor but the guilty party must get their just desserts.

Criminals exist in both foreigners and Filipinos because crime exists everywhere around the world. For the nth time, I am already sick and tired of the same stupid practice of pleading for guilty Filipinos abroad while condemning a foreigner for his crimes. Every guilty Filipino abroad should get what they deserve as much as every foreigner who breaks the law in the Philippines. Problem is many Filipinos just love to portray themselves as the victim all the time which is glorified in media. Living with that kind mentality is also another reason why those leftists get hostile on foreigners for the wrong reasons. At the end of the day, it's never about being a foreigner or Filipino but it's about guilty or innocent.