The Problem Of Filipino Voters Who Love To Believe Preposterous Promises!

President BS Aquino's last SONA will be awkward as some of his key allies have abandoned him.
As the term of President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino is coming to an end, it's time to really think of the problem of irresponsible voters. If you want to know whose fault is it that stupid people get into power then why don't you look at the voters themselves? President Nobita didn't get into power just by himself that even before the PCOS Machine came into power, he already had the support of the anti-intellectual majority.

Remember all the preposterous promises and who can forget the promise, "Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap"? Any president who promises to abolish poverty completely loses credibility for one good reason. A president may go ahead and liberalize the economy but getting out of poverty is your job. Even the most progressive nations still have poor people and corrupt officials. What makes President Nobita think that if there were no corrupt officials then there are no poor people?

Laziness and impatience may be huge if not the biggest contributors to why many Filipino voters end up believing preposterous promises. People fall for "too good to be true" promos from scammers to drug dealers because they are too lazy to think and too impatient to wait. People want their money to increase in a short amount time so they want the easy way out even if it's really too good to be true. The same happens to voters who want preposterously easy solutions over realistic, difficult but long-term solutions.


  1. Other than those voters (or bobotantes) who believe in these preposterous promises, another type of voter I'm annoyed with are those who still vote even if they know none of the candidates are fit for the position they are running. They are the type who says things like:
    *"There is nothing we can do; it's our obligation/duty." - C'mon, you already know none of the candidates are fit, so why continue making fools of yourselves by contributing to this idiocy? It's not like the government will form a secret force that will arrest anyone who does not vote.
    *"It's our right; we have to exercise it. It's the only way." - Question, especially to those who are way older than me: you've been voting for years; has it made any difference? I say if voting does make a difference, why would out higher-ups allow it? And that's the only way? C'mon, are we that out of options already?


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