Senator Bongbong Marcos And Soon To Be Ex-President Nobita Aquino Are Not Their Fathers!

What's wrong with a lot of Filipinos today is that they tend to think that the son is like the father or should be like the father. It's more than time to also discuss the issues surrounding Bongbong Marcos and President Nobita Aquino.

When President Nobita had his votes for the presidency - I guess it's all because of the stupid argument that, "Since Ninoy was a hero, Cory was a heroine therefore Nobita is also a hero." They voted for him in a vicious cycle of necropolitics. I wonder would he have won if the late Corazon Aquino did not die? Maybe, maybe not but I think it was all a sympathy vote. The late Cory became president only because her husband Ninoy was shot at what would be known today as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I guess these people also failed to remember that he didn't oppose the Marcos regime.

When Bongbong Marcos declared is vice-presidency and when I see this guy managed to do some stuff better than President Nobita Aquino, I really felt like maybe I might be wrong about my stand he won't be a good president of the Philippines. But enough of that, I always thought about the fact that Bongbong himself is not his father. He may be named after his father Ferdinand and his son is Ferdinand III, he is the junior but remember he's not his father. During the Marcos years, it wasn't Bongbong who sat down in power and caused all the atrocities done during that time. When people started saying, "No to martial law again." did they even think it wasn't Bongbong who declared martial law?

Voters really need to think that voters need to be voted for who they are and not for their clans or backgrounds. Just because a person is a descendant of a famous king or politician doesn't mean that person is capable of ruling properly. It's really more than time to let bygones be bygones and for people to analyze individual performance over family background.