The Problem Of "Basta Aquino, Iboto Ko" Mentality

Considering that the term of President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino is almost over, I always thought that I'd make this Photoshop of the cast of Ressha Sentai ToQGer actually saying, "HAH?!" to Bum Aquino's campaign. If they were real characters, they would have made that same expression. Even after the 1987 Constitution supposedly has a rule against political dynasties, the Aquinos have become a political dynasty. What's the reason behind the political dynasties? I dare assume that it's because of necropolitics. In spite of the late Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino's lack of experience in running a country, people still voted for her all because of her husband Ninoy Aquino was assassinated as if the Aquinos all were together in the fight against the Marcos years. When Cory finally bit the dust, everybody voted for her brain dead son President Nobita into power. As I said, a lazy population deserves a lazy ruler. They voted for him, they better stick with him until his term is over.

Paolo Benigno "Bum" Aguirre Aquino followed after President Nobita became the head of state all because he strongly looked like the uncle he never met confirming that he's an Aquino and not because of his personal achievements and awards. This makes me think that when I talk about the Aquinos, people just tend to say, "Basta Aquino, iboto ko." or "If it's an Aquino, that person gets my vote." When I talk about Bum's achievements, they don't say, "It's not him, it's because he's an Aquino." never mind that being an Aquino has NOTHING to do with what that guy achieves. Of course, you know the danger of the Eh-Bola Virus right? Somehow I always felt that Bam (Bum's official nickname) is best spelled out as, "Bobo ang maniniwala." or "Only stupid believe" in English because looking at that picture I made of Bum and bricks. Nobody can ever work under the heat of the sun and not perspire. Even the most skilled laborers will sweat because perspiration is part of the body's cooling process when one is working. If perspiration happens when it's not sunny how much more when it's already sunny.

President Nobita's administration has been one huge disaster. From the mismanaged Manila hostage crisis, the guy still dared to approve of that ghastly slogan called "It's More Fun in the Philippines" as part of daily life where he approved David Guerrero's ghastly slogan. One may also consider that he has done the policy of safeguarding the ruling class. It has resulted to several incidents like why on Earth is Stinky Soliman still not removed from her irresponsible handling of relief goods, why hasn't Butcher Abad been sacked for financial scandal, Joseph Pabaya should have been removed as a few among many incidents to name. I mean, doesn't that guy ever stop blaming Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? Even as of late, he now blames her for bad water services. When does the blame game stop?

Besides, it might even be time to brace for the possibility that Kris Aquino may become president of the Philippines someday. When I think how Kris and State are not separated as they should as come on, does every last event that happens in her life have to be highlighted? It's really time for people to stop watching Kris TV because all she does is distract them from the real issues of the country. Just because she's an Aquino doesn't make her great either. If she can't even manage her own family, how can she manage the nation? Then again, you know the problem that winnability prevails over credibility in the Philippines, right?


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