The Legacy Of PNoy Pride: Okay, Fine, Whatever, Whenever, Wherever!

The term of President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino or PNoy is already about to end this 2016. I'm afraid that we don't have good candidates and if there were any good candidates, chances are people will vote for the next nincompoop into power which might lead to a Mar Roxas presidency. While many can go ahead and sensationalize based on ABiaS-CBN saying, "We are Asia's next miracle." never mind that the whole "Tuwid na Daan" process has been achieved for the worse. Yes, he had achieved Daang Matuwid but it's towards oblivion.

I don't deny any improvements the Philippines has but some experts credit the improvements to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. President Nobita may just be enjoying the fruits of Gloria while he blames her day in and day out. For all we know, he might also be blaming Gloria (What else is new?!) for the reason why the expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor was not completed. Let's take a look at some of his "achievements" shall we so we'll see how "great" he is as a president.

Botched Rolando Mendoza incident

He already had the power to intervene but why did he not intervene? While he can't be blamed for masterminding the incident, what I can name in his failure is his failure to apologize to Hong Kong. It took an apology from former president Sherap Estrada to fix the relationships between China and the Philippines. That whole incident was really a proof that our police force are not well-trained. I have to admit that the whole incident was really not his fault directly. He should have tried to intervene in some way like make a lie to Rolando Mendoza on negotiation then arrest him. The whole hostage crisis was really botched. If he was a responsible leader, he would have apologized properly. Instead, he made a fool out of himself just smiling here and there. There's nothing funny about hostages and he can't say that, "Being hostage - it's more fun in the Philippines." to escape accountability. 

Approval of David Guerrero's campaign slogan

I'm afraid but this poster may have contributed more harm than good. The phrase, "It's more fun in the Philippines." should be the goal and not just a promotion. Unfortunately the slogan by David Guerrero may have contributed to it what I might call as the "most powerful opium" for Filipinos that this opium war will be fought longer than the opium war fought in China. The problem behind this slogan is that it may have promoted a culture of impunity. What pissed me off was that a certain someone even lied to a certain person, "You'll never be cheated in the Philippines. It's more fun in the Philippines." which is a blatant lie to anybody with the right sound of mind. To even say, "This is not a campaign. It's the truth." is really laughable beyond laughable. One of these days, that slogan may backfire on Mr. Guerrero's face.

Heavy traffic here and there with DOTC Secretary Pabaya's stupidity

President Nobita sure says the stupidest statements I can name. From saying traffic is sign of progress to where Joseph Pabaya says traffic is not fatal, somehow all I can say is this guy thinking clearly? I really just keep thinking about the whole idea of unmanaged traffic shows that there needs to be the task to decongest Imperial Manila. This of course is also accompanied by the problems of the MRT. In due fairness, Gloria's term had better MRT then they have the nerve to blame her for it. Then again, what else have they not blamed Gloria for? Besides, should I mention that perhaps their biggest "achievement" is the cancellation of the would have been blockbuster starring both President Nobita and DOTC Secretary Pabaya, Sagasa 2016?

The failure to see it's time to open up the economy

After the execution of the three drug mules namely Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva should have told him that as long as the economy remains too restrictive, the economy will have to keep relying on OFWs. What they need to realize is that another step to curbing the drug war is by opening up the economy. He has a degree in B.S. Economics and I don't which makes it funny to why in the world doesn't he see the consequences of 60/40? Many people today are forced to become OFWs which results to several OFW-related problems. There are good OFWs but sad to say the Philippines may soon be falsely labeled as a drug-trafficking or criminal exporting capital of Asia because of OFW-related mishaps. What those activists need to see is that the restrictive economic policies continue the same trend of high unemployment leading to the need of more migrant workers. 

Botched relief good operations

I'm still amazed at how stubborn Stinky Soliman is to take action. During the Yolanda disaster relief operation, just think of how much relief goods were spoiled and rotten due to her inaction. If it were in Japan, she would be required to resign. Whether it was neglect or she did it on purpose is not known as of late. It's no surprise in the Philippines that you have so many corrupt politicians yet they keep coming back into power. It's a shame how majority of the Philippines considers itself pro-life but what did they do to Stinky's crime? Last 2008, we witnessed how Hu Jintao had their corrupt health minister Zheng Xiaoyu executed for the melamine scandal. Stinky should have been given whatever punishment is appropriate for her. With how she destroyed the evidence, she might have already had been doing it on purpose. She should have been sacked then.

Commission on Human Rights isn't protecting human rights

Appointing Etta Rosales to head the Commission on Human Rights had only contributed to further defense and establishment of a culture of impunity. This organization isn't defending human rights but the rights of criminals. It sickens me to think a man who kills out of self-defense is convicted while criminals are defended. The whole organization has nothing more than promoting the victim card to people. In the process, there's also the problem of giving squatters the right to squat as a result of the right to impunity. The whole system of CHR may be summarized also as, "Rewarding the lazy while punishing the diligent." Their system has been encouraging people to wrong and not to do right. This in turn may have created a generation of vigilantes because justice is so hard to find.

The Spratlys conflict is going nowhere

I'm afraid the whole battle between Philippines and China is nothing more than a death trap. You might want to compare it to Damulag (Gian) beating up Nobita in the cartoon. The real life President Nobita now foolishly challenges Damulag (China) even if in reality the Philippines is not ready to defeat China. While China has had some problems dealing with other countries like Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan who are affected by President Xi Jinping's bullying tactics, the Philippines is so easy to pick on. I mean, just think of how often President Nobita has made reckless actions and hasn't done anything to address the conflict. At this point, the Philippines really needs to team up with every other country bullied by China's current administration to survive the conflict.

The Mamasapano Incident still left unsolved

Yup the term of President Nobita is almost over and what has been done for the SAF-44 after the Mamasapano incident? He was at the inauguration of the Mitsubishi Plant while Bongbong Marcos went to greet the families of the victims. I'm still always amazed by how some Filipinos think they're ready to defeat China when the Philippine military operations couldn't even deal with terrorist groups. Instead of sacking the MILF involved, the stupid Bangasamoron Basic Law is being passed in due process. The stupidity of giving a group of extremists their separate state is not justice at all. The SAF-44 mishap is both the fault of resigned PNP Chief Alan La Madrid Impurisima and President Nobita.

Endorsing that joke, Mar Roxas for president

Is this really his biggest achievement to endorse this joke Mar Roxas? As I said earlier, if he can't delegate the tasks how can he be a good leader? Instead of really showing leadership skills, all he does is show he's an epal candidate of sorts. Having Roxas for president is really a joke considering he couldn't even win the vice presidency, then he becomes every last form of worker but he never becomes a good leader. President Nobita could have endorsed competent people to succeed him but his stupidity is based on the fact he and Roxas are friends. I don't care if they're friends, he should find a better candidate than Roxas. Roxas should just be considered a nuisance candidate and a huge joke towards Philippine politics. Besides, what does Roxas really have to share for the Philippines' improvement than just being a bad joke? No improvement measures, no constitutional reform... just a terrible joke.